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Christmas Wrap

Beautiful Christmas Lights


Me & Patrick Stewart

From the Mouth of Babes

It's Coming..........Finally

My Christmas Decor

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Monday Night with Brenda Lee and the Boys

And Now..............the Good Stuff

Sappy Christmas #2

All My Favorite Sappy Christmas Music

Belated Thankgiving

Back in the Saddle

Thank You For Your Service

Happy 235!!

No!! I Don't Do These............


Living Blue

Alice in the Bristol Fan Club


Tuesday Grab Bag

Watching Chilean Miners

Please Sir, May I Have Some More?


NEW Santana

Save Blue LIke Jazz

UN Me Movie

Bad Blogger No Posting

Fall At Last

Ouray Reviews and Recomendations

More Photos From Ouray

Photos from Ouray

Full Day Here

The Best of September

Never Forget

September Update

Welcome to Heaven on Earth

Tunesday - Dotsero - Our Hometown Guys

Volunteer Sunflowers

Tunesday - REAL Western Music - Don Edwards

Okay, I'm Done

We Remember

Kindred Spirits on the Web

Fall is Coming

Just When My Husband Thought He Was Safe - New Fiesta Color

Of Movies and Drive Ins and Great Writing

Best 10 Minutes of Your Week

If I Stand - Rich Mullins

Green Bug Invasion

Riots in Birdland

George Winston - Nature Set To Music

The Help - A Must Read

Here We Go

Woodland Dog

Discouraged Republican

North Platte Canteen

Matt Dusk - Another Great LastFM Find

Mondays Are Happy Again

TV, Movies and Pop Culture

Guilty Summer Pleasures

New Find From Last FM - Peter Cincotti

Dog Days of Summer

Latest Celebrity Sighting