Tunesday - Dotsero - Our Hometown Guys

One summer night, in 1990 or 1991, I wandered into a place on Colfax and York with my friend John. We were looking for a late night snack and we saw a sax player through the windows as we drove past. When we got in the place (the York Street Cafe), the band was on a break. But when they started up again it began a 20 year relationship with me and a local jazz group called Dotsero. I drug my parents and lil bro to see them at the York Street a few days later.

I've seen them so many times, in so many places, I've lost count. They've had some personnel changes over the years, but the Watts brothers, Steve on sax, Dave on guitar have maintained a sound that sets them apart. Seeing them live is really the only way to get the full effect, but the 4 CD's I have can do the trick.

Find them at Dotsero. You can download them on ITunes,and if you're ever in Denver, they have their own club, Jazz@Jack's. Cool club.


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