Tuesday Grab Bag

Like the one we get each year at Christmas from my Mom.............full of random things.

Here, let me find a good spot to lay down.  Maybe in the grass and mulch, under the birdbath, a little sun..............and these comfy rocks as a pillow.

Ahhhhhhhhh, a Dog's Life.

Why is there a toddler eating blueberry toast in his dinosaur pajamas at my kitchen table?

Because I can't say no when someone asks me to babysit.  8:30 AM Sunday morning........we were invaded.  He's a sweet boy but didn't take to the breakfast in bed idea.  He likes to sit on the big boy stools in the kitchen.

I did it.

I voted for a someone who didn't have an "R" after their name.  For the second time ever.


Anonymous said…
Oh,R looks so cute in his dino jammies!

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