Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis Has Good Taste in Vehicles

This looks oddly like a vehicle in my garage.

Anyone know where we can get that kind of top?

Monday, September 14, 2015

What Happened to Fall?

This isn't fall.  And it certainly isn't autumn. 

It's hot, it's dry, and there's no end in sight.

Sure, on a few occasions there's been a slight nip in the air.  But only slight.

Mid-August is when I'm done with the hot and ready for the cool, if not, COLD.  But nothing like that so far this year.  

So it's official, I'm moving September to October and we'll try again next month.  Unless this September decides to redeem itself.

I can't even make myself CONTEMPLATE a Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  Not yet.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Doing Hospital Time

Five to One.

I'm thinking that's the ratio.

For every hour you spend hanging out in a hospital, you're actually losing five hours of your life.  If you've ever sat vigil with a loved one in a hospital, you know what I mean.

I can't imagine what the ratio is for actually BEING THE PATIENT.  Don't know because I've only been in the hospital twice................nah................three times.  But I doubt being born counts.  So, two overnight stays for simple elective procedures for me.  That's all I know, and there were pain medications for having my tonsils out and my knees poked into.  Those seemed a breeze.

I am fortunate.

On the other hand, my dear sweet mother has spent more than her fair share of hospital time.


When you add it all together, it's literally been months she's put up with all the travails of hospitals.  From surgeries and procedures, to poking and prodding, and all the indignities she's suffered, to fix her heart and her brain, to keep her here.

She is the toughest woman I know.  On more than one occasion I've screamed at God and begged Him not to take her,  On more than one occasion I've told Him it was okay to take her.  Just take away her pain,

And like a Timex watch, she takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

So it's been this summer.  In for a week, out for a week. Back for more.

As I write this, she's been moved out of ICU and into a better room. Little Bro says it's the nicest room so far.  For each of us who love her, every moment you're not there with her, you feel you should be..................

And so its hard to sleep, or eat, or work,  or focus on any thing else.

No matter how many time she tells us to go home, that she's want to be there and make sure she's comfortable and getting the best care possible.

The only thing that's nearly as difficult as dealing with all of the sense I get when I'm walking down a hospital hall.  Following the stupid colored line on the floor.........and then getting to an ICU or a CCU and walking past people in a room, in a bed, all alone.

No one sitting in the God awful uncomfortable chair next to the bed.  No one asking nurses and doctors what's going on.

My heart breaks for those all alone people.

Because we will be there for my Mom.  As long as it takes.  Where ever  the road takes us.

And I pray for all alone people, and wondered if I missed my calling.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tunesday - Diamonds and Rust

As we move toward September, my musical tastes begin to change. Perhaps it's because September seems like the beginning of a year, not January.  And year changes make me wistful.

Can accoustic guitars sound like autumn?  In my book yes.  So here we go..............

Friday, June 19, 2015

Can I Tell You This?

I was mad at The Husband when he brought her home.  He didn't ask, he just notified me that he was bringing someone home.  When I think of the dog he brought home that night, about 5 1/2 years ago, and the dog I grew to love, it seems as though they were different dogs.

She was so skinny and skittish.  She was restless and roaming.  It was a few days before Halloween and both of us were off from work, so we were able to spend several days at home with her.  She didn't startle at the sound of the doorbell when it rang over and over on Halloween night.  But she was restless, so restless.

I thought Bessy was a silly name.  But that's what she was named by The Husband's son when his mom found her.  I only commented that she matched the she could stay.

When did she creep in my heart and take it over?  I don't really remember.  It happened over time.  We had our bumps and issues.  But once she figured out that she was safe, and we would always feed her............she stopped ducking her head when you reached out your hand, and she worked her way into our lives.............and became, "my dog".  We spoiled her in every way we could afford to do so.........the best of food, someone to stay here with her when we went out of town, and even dragging her to Keystone four times.  Where she got to be a mountain dog and sniff the trails to her heart's content.

Once I fell in love with her, I seldom let myself think that she was an older dog, because we didn't really know how old she was.  But the hair around her face grew grey along with mine and I knew in my head I would someday have to say goodbye, but my heart didn't want to face that fact.

When she started limping this spring, my heart clenched, but hoped it was just a kink.  From the initial xray we waited 4 weeks to take a second one.  And the spot had grown.  She had bone cancer on her back left leg.  Our wonderful Vet, Dr. Jeff told us it could be a few weeks or a few months.  Just keep her comfortable, and you'll know when its time.

For the next few weeks Bess would lie on the floor in my office, right at my feet. She had a bed in there and slept most nights there.  I was on the computer a lot.  Posting my resume and looking for work. Late afternoon, she'd follow me down to the kitchen and curl up on the rug by the sink while I cooked dinner.

It was on the kitchen floor where she was laying during dinner, that she tried to get up and the leg gave out.  The wailing and whimpering was one of the worst things I've ever heard.  We loaded her up with pain pills and she limped into the living room and settled for a bit.  We sat with her and tried to figure out what to do.  I'd made a call a few days earlier and we knew what the end would be like.

Suddenly, with great effort she got up...............using the other three legs and headed for the stairs. The Husband helped her up the stairs, but we were amazed that she could do it at all. She was just so determined in that moment.

She wanted my office. It was her happy, peaceful and quiet spot.

The problem was, she couldn't lie down.  She kept trying, and we kept trying to help.  Finally after about half an hour, she managed to get down.  And I knew I didn't want her to have to get up again.

Caring Pathways is an organization here in Denver, founded by a man that I know.  Dr. Larry knows far too much about suffering and is a man of great compassion.  He founded Caring Pathways, and I encourage everyone who reads this to click on the link and read about him.  The call to them was the call I'd made a few days earlier and I knew we wanted to have them come to the house to take care of my Bessy.  I can't even imagine how we would have gotten her into a vehicle and  to a Vet without causing her tremendous pain.  So we made the call.

We called the neighbors who loved her and they came and sat with her while we made some calls.   They made their teary goodbyes and left us alone with her.

I laid down behind her on the floor and held her.  She was quiet and I believe the pain pills we got into her made her comfortable.  I sang our song to her.  Tom Petty's Free Fallin'..........."she's a good girl, she loves her momma".

About an hour and a half later, Dr Amy showed up.  As long as I live I'll remember that when she walked into my office, Bessy lifted her head and wagged her tail.

She was happy to meet a new person.

Dr Amy sat on the floor with us, and explained everything.  When we were ready, she gave her a strong sedative.  When her breathing deepened and she was no longer responsive.  She gave her the final shot.

And quietly, peacefully, in her happy peaceful spot...............she slipped away.

These are the final photos I took that night.  I was alone with her for a while and she was resting and calm when I took this.

I loved the way her fur looked on her neck.  She was a beauty.

When she was gone, Dr. Amy let us sit with her for a while, then wrapped her in the sheet she loved from her bed. The Husband helped get her on a stretcher and into Dr. Amy's SUV.

It was the perfect way to deal with a very difficult situation.  The Husband later apologized that it happened in my office, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Do I think of her when I'm in there now?


But I know she passed away in a favorite place, surrounded by people who loved her deeply.  As the character, One Stab said in Legends of the Fall.  "It was a good death".

She'll always be my girl.


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