Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Moving Sale

Sometimes, it's time to pack up and move away.  Sometimes we make the choice ourselves, sometimes others force the move on us.

Maybe it's a seasonal thing.  September always feels like the beginning of a year to me.  Maybe it's being too long, in one place. Maybe it's just feeling the need to rearrange the furniture and start over.  And every move for me, brings mixed emotions.

When I first moved into Casa Rancho, I was excited about being a home owner.  But still felt sad about moving out of the Hope This Is The Last Apartment I lived in.

When I started this blog I was excited about flexing my writing skills after many years of disuse.  The most interesting thing I had written for years were human resource reviews and reprimands for my employees.  I wanted a way to comment on the day to day, perhaps make some new friends and reach out to some old ones.  I know I succeeded at that.

But 2014 has not been a banner year for me.  Impossible for me to express here (and no doubt boring to all but a few) all that has transpired. And things don't look to get better in the near future, perhaps 2015 will bring some much needed relief.

 Suffice it to say, it's time to move on.

I need a new place with more space, more light, a fresh coat of paint.  A change in perspective, a new neighborhood, so to speak.  Maybe if I do some Fall Cleaning, I'll find my voice again.

I've been working on the new place, but I'm not quite ready to show it to anyone just yet.

When I'm ready for visitors,  I'll let you know, and you can email me for the new address.  Until then, hope somewhere in these pages of meanderings you've found something of value.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 Thought

Today is 9/11.  Thirteen years later.

Watched our the Commander in Chief last night.

So today, I put this on my jean jacket.

And it's staying on till this nightmare Administration is over.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams - "That Place Between Sleep and Awake"

I guess it took something heart breakingly sad to wake me from my writer's slump.

Many a Friday night or Saturday afternoon I've sat in a dark movie theater, and Robin Williams transported me to a different time and place.  Certainly his comedic talents stood tall among all comics of my generation. His TV talk show appearances were frantic and brilliant.   I don't remember watching any TV at all while away at college.  But nearly every dorm room was tuned in for a half an hour to see what craziness Mork from Ork would bring us.

When Moscow on the Hudson came out I knew then that Robin had a gift, not just for comedy, but for the sad and sentimental moments as well.  I love that movie.

One of the flickering images that stuck with me, was watching Dead Poets Society, not yet knowing a sucker punch was coming...............and then wincing when I realized I was watching the movie with a friend who lost a brother to suicide.  I've seldom been more moved by anything in a movie.  Yes, I know.  A movie about suicide.

Awakenings, a stirring movie with Robert DeNiro, is one I always stop to watch.  His nervous and shy portrayal of Dr. Malcom Sayer brought realism and depth to the role.  Hopeful, tragic.  He seemed drawn to these roles.

In 1991 Robin took me on wild ride.  His frantic, troubled, yet hopeful homeless man in The Fisher King seemed a role he wore much too easily.  There are moments in that film that make you hold your breath in their quiet beauty.

And I can remember like it was yesterday, the afternoon spent watching Hook in the theater.  At a time when my life certainly needed some escape, and I, along with Robin's character, Peter Banning remembered what it was like to be a kid again. I wrote about that here.  Hook.

His Academy Award winning role in Good Will Hunting for me, really defies description.  Those scenes with Matt Damon are almost unwatchable at times.  So raw, so pure.  As if we really had pulled back the curtain on something we shouldn't be seeing, far too private, too personal.  This is everything movies should be, can be.

Having in recent years lost a friend to suicide, the feelings are still raw.  My friend too, was someone that no one ever suspected would leave this life that way.  People build big images, big barriers around themselves to hide behind.  My friend, built a facade of generosity, and doing good deeds, tirelessly at times.  Robin it seems, built his facade with humor.  His wall too, was manic and never ending.  The comparison is not lost on me.

We make too much of our celebrities in this culture.  Everyone seems to say so.  But I think movies are ART.  Not always, certainly not in uplifting ways all the time.  But in Robin Williams I see a man who was able to take the medium of comedy, and then dramatic acting and make them mean something.  Escape, wonder, joy, laughter, tears, empathy, sympathy and often sorrow.  All things I value.  All things I cherish.

Friday, July 04, 2014

4th of July Declaration

From ONE of the smartest men I know.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gone Away

Will be gone for a while.  Sorry to those who check in here everyday (few though you may be).  I just have too many things to handle right now.  These days it seems talking in complete sentences is rough, much less writing. 
At some point I may be back...............if I have something worth saying.


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