Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tunesday - Like Butter

This weeks selection................off an album I recently downloaded on ITunes.  Tapestry is an incredible album that holds up after all these years.  And it holds up well.  This is begging to be played with the top down on the convertible...........enjoy.

Now go listen to some more Carole King.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The "Tail" of Bessy

Well..... a while back I made the big announcement that we have acquired a mascot here at Casa Rancho.

On the night before Halloween, The Husband showed up at Casa Rancho with a furry friend named Bessy.

Someone else had found her, but couldn't keep her, because they already had 4 dogs.  She was a stray.........and according to the local animal control, people had been reporting her for at least three weeks.  People kept seeing her, trying to catch her................all to no avail.  Maybe she was picky???  But someone finally succeeded and got her into a vehicle.  The Husband called me on hearing the story..............and said "hey Honey, I'm bringing someone home with me................."

Thus, Miss Bessie became the Mascot of Casa Rancho.

And she's the hit of the neighborhood.

But let's back up.

I'm not REALLY a dog person.  Never had pets growing up. (Due to family allergies).  Well, I did have an aquarium that amused me to no end.  It was in my bedroom and the sound of the pump lulled me to sleep each night.  Unfortunately one morning I woke up to fish floating on the top and little wormy things all over the inside of the glass.   Childhood trauma.

After I moved away from home, Mr. Budzo came into my life.  A tiny little terrier mix who saw me through some rough days, but eventually had to go live with people with a yard.............during the many years of my apartment dwelling exile.

Since the day I married The Husband he has whined and moaned about needing a dog.  Pet stores and shelters were on the regular rotation.  Evil Chick Voice kept him from man's best friend.  We had a failed attempt.............a shelter black lab who could easily get out of our yard.

But  when The Husband called and told me he was bringing home a stray.................I had little hope and was anxious beyond belief.

She showed up that night...............anxious, skinny, skittish, and adorable.

Five months later and she's like an old friend.  She had lost at least half of her fur, she was skinny and you could see all her bones. We got her healthy.  Good food, good grooming, but most of all peace and quiet.  In some ways, she's not very Dog-Like.  She doesn't chew on things, she doesn't jump on people.  She doesn't beg for food (although she does drool a little when she likes the smell).  And amazingly, she very seldom barks.  She knows simple commands and can sit outside with us............not on a leash..........and stay close by.

In short, she is the dream dog.  Just about every one one of our neighbors has been observed laying on the floor next to her................petting her.  She's great with kids.  I take her to work at least once a week because if I don't ..........everyone asks where Bessy is.

The Husband said she's clearly MY dog.  She does follow me and look for me if I leave the room.  Maybe it's because I spoil her.  More than one person has spoke of her being "sent from God", "the perfect dog for us", "the sweetest dog I've ever met" and many other glowing terms.

Bessy is a good girl.  Yes, she turned me into a dog person.

And she loves that blanket ScooterGirl made us.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tunesday - Looks Are Deceiving

A new feature here At Altitude..................

Since I love music but seldom blog about it................

A new Tune each Tuesday.  Ripped off directly from You Tube, since they let me embed on Blogger.

But there are special instructions for watching this video.  Hit the play arrow, and as soon as they move off the group announcing the artist (who is Todd Rundgren) then just look away or scroll up or down.

In other words, looks are deceiving, don't let the way Todd looks distract you from the fact..................... that HE WAS AND IS AMAZING.  And this is a gem of a song.  70's pop at it's best.  Listen..........and then you can watch.

Great song, huh?  Didn't "re find" this one on my own.  Hat Tip (h/t) to "Tennessippi Dave".

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost on Lost

Didn't they promise they were going to answer the questions???????

Is it just me or are they just creating NEW questions.


Don't read this if you haven't watched last night's episode.  So what more do we understand???  We know Jacob has chosen candidates to replace him................Widmore still wants the island............Claire's alive and now crazy.........Hurley sees dead people.............but what is the parallel story line............what happens if the plane DOESN'T crash.............did time split?.............they all end up meeting each other anyway.........

ARRRRG.  I'm confused.  EVEN when I watch last week's episode AGAIN with the cheat bar.

Well at least I'm not the only one giving it thought when not watching........................

Lileks had this to say in today's BLEAT.

" I think I have the show figured out anyway. The island is a prison for the smoke-thing, which is Evil, but not Satan, otherwise it wouldn’t be hanging out on an island looking to crawl inside of bald guys to get something done. It’s just a bad thing. Maybe an outerspace bad thing. There’s probably a spaceship buried under the island. If I had to put money on the last episode, Jack is Jacob – the names might provide a clue there – and he’s back in the states, in the future, touching someone to assure they will come to the island in 2047 to contain Mr. Bad Angry Fog. In the end we will realize that there’s nothing we couldn’t have learned in the first two seasons, if people had just been a tad more . . . forthcoming.

Also, Benjamin Linus will be redeemed. Sawyer will wear his sulk-glower. Freckles will die. Hugo will be happy. Locke will be buried on the island. "

Well that's Lileks theory...........go read the rest.  Lileks is the bloggiest of all bloggers anyway.  Read him everyday. 

I do.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sad News - The Internet Monk

I'm a little "discriminating", shall we say, about the other blogs I have posted links to.  Most bloggers have many, many links, but I've chosen carefully.

Long before I started this blog I was just another of the millions who read blogs and one day, (don't remember how) I stumbled across Michael Spencer, The Internet Monk .

Reading Michael's blog made me feel that I was not so crazy, and not so alone to question the status quo.  He railed at many of the same things that I had questioned for years, not realizing I was not the only one.
Internet Monk is number three in my favorites list, I've been reading for years, and lately, following closely the news of Michael's health.

So sadly I pass along the latest, sad news.  Michael Spencer Update 3-9-10

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Legends of Aerospace Tour

Here's a wonderful thing getting "little to no" media coverage.

Some of our greatest heroes in aviation are, as we speak, on a morale tour for the troops.

Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, Gene Cernan and others are on their way to visit the troops at bases around the world.

Many of these men are heroes of mine and I am happy to hear of this great tour...........
Here's the link to the preview video..............give it a look. 

Legends of Aerospace Video Preview
........that familiar voice on the video is David Hartman (who I STILL miss on Good Morning America). Hartman is on the tour as well as their emcee

I'm hoping someone is getting some video of this tour, it would be amazing to see.


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