Monday, September 18, 2017

Still Here

So sometimes it seems that it’s been so long since you’ve done some “thing”, that it seems impossible to get started.  And posting here is one of those “things”.

2017 seemed like just the beginning of another year, but it only stayed that way for a few days.  Then everything changed, and though it sounds like an overstatement……………It’s not.

Everything changed.

Big changes often start with a phone call.  I remember when a dear friend died unexpectedly, a Pastor preached a sermon at his funeral called, “An Unexpected Call”.  And I’ve received many, many of those phone calls, and maybe that’s why I hate the sound of a phone ringing.  I really do.  It’s irrational to think that every phone call is bad news………..but there you go. 

Most all of my regular readers here are long gone.  Because I’ve become one of those frustrating bloggers who annoy you because you check their site all the time and nothing new is posted.  But I need to stretch my writing muscles and get back to it.

This is a start.


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