Monday, May 30, 2011

Daniels Park in the Fog

The Husband is finishing up his last few weeks on the graveyard shift............trying to sleep during the day.  So I got out of the house yesterday morning to keep things quiet and slipped up around the bend to Daniels Park.  Not many folks around on a Sunday morning, but the birds were putting on a concert just for me.  The valley was foggy, but the scrub oak has leafed out just since last weekend.  The view is always amazing.

There's a great outcropping of rock that gives a great view of the vista..............

Not a bad way to spend a few hours......

Pinon Fires and Smores

With the fire ban lifted in our county, it was finally time to fire up the chiminea and that means the neighborhood kids look forward to smores.........the first of the season.

Sticky fingers and full tummies.

With a Grateful Heart

Every Memorial Day weekend there are vets outside our local grocery store.  They collect donations for the local VFW and hand out these little red poppies, a small reminder of what this day is really about.  I look forward to being able to shake their hand and thank them for their service.

Thousands have paid the ultimate price in defense of our country.  And today while many will enjoy a BBQ and time with family, there are thousands serving in harms way, and their families left behind to miss them and live life without them.

Thanks to each of you reading this, who have served your country.  Today I will set aside a moment to think and reflect on the freedoms we enjoy, paid for with the blood of brave men and women.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tunesday - Santana Tyler

It not quite time for those great summer Santana tunes.................but in the meantime, how about a great paring................the guitar player and the singer, (both on my favorites list).  The official video of this song is nearly unwatchable, so this version does away with most of it...............

Steven Tyler (the voice) and Carlos Santana..................both doing what they do best.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ups and Downs of Springtime in the Rockies

Sometimes, life feels like a series of ups and downs.  We let our emotions take us on a ride of happy and sad, joy and sorrow.  And I always get wistful in the Spring and Fall.  It's kind of like the weather.

And sometimes, you have to settle for a candle.

We who live in this beautiful state of Colorado are fortunate.  Not everyone who lives here realizes this fact.  But a daily check of the evening news is confirmation.  Our climate, especially here in the front range, is quite mild.  Tornadoes are not unheard of, but rare, mostly in the eastern plains.  Hail?  Sometimes, seldom enough to cause more than plant damage.  Flooding?  Again, localized and mild.  Only 2 really big floods in my 50+ years, and big is a relative term.  Nothing even close to the damage and devastation being suffered by fellow Americans all over the south. We don't have earthquakes, and obviously not hurricanes or tsunamis. 

So the worst things we have going here weather wise are the fact that the May snow, killed off my lilacs buds, just as they had started to bloom and put out that incredible fragrance..............oh well, I'll go buy a lilac scented candle.  You should always have a backup plan.  And..............we've had about 5 or 6 days when we haven't seen the sun all day.............because we've been getting the rain to make up for almost no snow fall this year in town.  The mountains, continue to get hammered with snow, highest snow pack in many years.  Which means we'll have plenty of water to keep our lawns green this summer.

So to recap...............we had a mild winter at Casa Rancho..............not a lot of snow shoveling.  In spite of the the very dry and mild winter, we're getting lots of May showers, for the June flowers.  And everything is looking very green.  There will probably be no watering restrictions because of the amazing amount of snow in the mountains.  If we have a repeat of last summer, we never even hit 100 degrees, and of course there is little to no humidity.

So I'm thinking we've got nothing to complain about, lots to be grateful for, it's all a matter of perspective.  There's a saying around here, that "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute".  It changes in a heartbeat.  Fredrick Bonfils, co founder of the Denver Post first coined the phrase, "Tis a Privilege to Live in Colorado".  That phrase was on the masthead of the paper for most of my life.

This Colorado girl agrees.  I've described a certain feeling to a few people close to me.  When I look around at this magnificent place I live, I sometimes feel like there are roots growing out of the bottom of my feet, deep into the Colorado clay...............and my arms are like the aspen, feeling the gentle breezes making the leaves flicker.

God forgive me for ever taking this place for granted.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Snow in May

At 6200 feet, it's common to get some snow in May.  While the moisture is great when it melts, you have to fight to hang on to tree limbs.  The snow sticks to trees and bushes that are leafed out. So since it looked like this yesterday morning........................there was tree whacking before I left for work.

So glad we got that patio furniture out.  And it's not like it's my fault, I haven't packed the turtlenecks away yet!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Spring Weekend Accomplished

Big weekend at Casa Rancho.  Enjoying the first real warm temperatures of the year.  So we got the patio sealed.

Using some slave labor..........................T & D did the sides.  Good job guys.

Next weekend we'll get some plantings in all the pots and on the wall garden, we are all set for Summer 2011.

Today we headed up to Daniels Park for a late morning brunch.  Several of our neighborhood friends joined us, along with the Circle Posse, who love to ham it up and pose for pictures.  We were missing one of the regular crew, and our only little girl in the Posse didn't want to get up there will all the boys.

Once we got back home and as long as the gang was around, we put them to work.  Kids seem to find washing cars highly amusing.  Why would we deny them the pleasure?  They got my car, The Husband's jeep, and two others. 

So we made lots of progress getting things done, but it was also a great weekend, enjoying the sun and warm temps.

Hope all the moms out there had a great day.  You are loved and valued!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Spring Weekend

Can it be?  We are really going to have a full on, rock star, spring weekend?

That's what they are saying.

So we'll finally be able to get the sealer down on our patio.  It's in need of a face lift............and maybe if it stays dry enough to thoroughly cure, we'll be able to move the patio furniture up.  Then it will actually feel like spring.  Everything is coming along nicely in My Tiny Garden.  Pictures to follow.  The lilacs are ready to bloom.

These are the small things that make my day.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tunesday - Train - I Got You

About a decade ago, I did an event in Boulder, Colorado.  It was a bunch of radio people, so I felt right at home.  It was a KBCO crowd, which only makes sense to people who live here.................but Bruce Cockburn performed, so I was a happy girl.

During lunch the people attending, largely ignored the band playing.............but I knew I was listening to something special.

The band was Train.

Here's a great cut off their latest...................which harkens back to a favorite tune from the 70's.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Review - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I talked the ladies in my book club into reading this classic.  To my surprise, none of them had read it, or for that matter, had even heard of it.  It was one of a number of classics my mom put in my hands as a young teen, and told me to read.  It been years since I read it, and I think I enjoyed it as an adult even more than I did on the first go round.  The story is about Francie, a young girl growing up in Brooklyn in the early 1900's.  It's a story full of struggle, poverty, alcoholism but also the yearnings and emotions of a young girl.  Francie sits on the fire escape reading books from the library.  She looks through the leaves of a tree at the world around her.  She loves her father, in spite of his obvious flaws and weaknesses.  She longs for the affection of her mother, who dotes instead on her younger brother.

The women are the strong characters in this book. It seems all the men around them are flawed.  I think the intent of the author may have been to look at the way mothers and daughters relate, and the way women bond together in their struggles.  If you're reading this and looking for something different for your book club, be forewarned...............its a long book.  But I think everyone liked, or even loved it in our group.

Read, people.  Read the classics.  You will be all the better for it.


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