Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Beginning 29 Years Ago

While reading through my daily blogs today, I ran across this................



 Holds some significance around here.............as a 19 year old  Marine, the Husband was fresh out of Infantry, then Sniper training school.  He received his orders to be deployed to Grenada. You remember the whole Grenada thing?   When news of the bombing hit, he was aboard a Navy ship, en route to Grenada,  and they were detoured to Beirut.  His unit ended up staying there for two weeks.  In a seldom told, or even known story, they spent those two weeks taking and returning fire.  He did what was asked of him as a Marine. Taking and returning fire.  He took shrapnel in the arm.  The scars are still there.

These are not distant impersonal events.  And with some retrospection, this was the beginning of a war that continues today. Little did we know. 

I don't focus on the political around here...........others do it better.

But last night, Governor Romney used the term "jhadist".  A word the left can't bring themselves to utter.

God forbid we should forget.


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