No!! I Don't Do These............

Okay........I get these memes/questionnaires/thingies all the time............and seldom respond.  But I thought this one was more interesting than most..........and I'm happy to link you back to the Dame...........

So below is my answers to these thought provoking questions.

What fictional person, place or thing would you make real, were it in your power?

Hard to chose one here........but the first thing that popped into my head.........I would like the Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia to be real.  Not just for the adventures to be had in Narnia, but because when you return to the real world..............very little time has past.  Like putting the breaks on time while you live out other lives..............magic.

What do you find comforting?

Nature. The sights, sounds, and smells of God's creation soothe me.  Every time.

What makes you almost hold your breath in excitement?

Music performed live.  Nothing better.

What offends you?

People treating others with disrespect or cruelty.

What always makes you smile?


How are you in a crisis?

Tough.  Calm.  Fall apart later.

What is your most unusual or rare quality?

My ability to see situations from every angle, every perspective.  Should have been a diplomat.

What woman has had the strongest impact on your life?

My Mother.  She survived heartbreaks, poverty, racial prejudice, amazing adversity, and physical challenges.

What fictional character did you love most or identify most closely with as a child?

No snickering..............Jan Brady.

What's the strangest job you ever had?

Substitute day care teacher at a 24 hour day care facility.  Took care of toddlers overnight for parents who worked the graveyard shift.  No............they weren't sleeping........they stayed on the same schedule as their parents..................sad, really.

What's the hardest job you ever had?

Answering the late night phone call as a youth pastor, that one of your kids attempted suicide............. However............he is now a university professor, and father of five.  He is one of the joys of my life.

If you could relive any moment in your life, which would it be?

Looking out the window of the airplane at the blue lights of  Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv as a 17 year old.

Who was your first crush on?

Bobby Sherman

What song makes your heart sing?

Impossible to pick one!  Okay if I must..................."Moondance" Van Morrison.

What book do you never tire of?

Everything by CS Lewis, but especially "The Great Divorce".

If you could live in a book, which book would it be?

Any Jane Austen novel.

What film have you watched the most times?

Dances With Wolves

What film do you quote most often?
(Actually quote, not wish you were clever enough to quote regularly and INTEND to quote. What do you ACTUALLY quote?)

Steel Magnolias. 

What film's dialog do you love most?

The Big Chill.

What poem or line of poetry resonates with you most strongly?

"Two roads...........diverged in a wood......."

What famous quote do you repeat or refer to most frequently?

See above.

If you could (or had to) freeze your physical self at one age, what would it be?


What view would you choose if you could have any view from your bedroom window?

The San Juans.

What one thing would you give to everyone you know if you could?

The "peace that passes all understanding."

If you could be a tremendous success at any one thing, what would it be?

Movie Director

What, if anything, do you hesitate to do for fear of looking silly or being laughed at?

Anything requiring eye hand coordination. I have none.

Who would you choose if you could talk to anyone who is no longer alive for an hour?

My Grandpa.

If you wrote your will, who would you leave your most prized possession to?

Sell it all..............give the money to charity.

What sentence did you never say to someone, but wish you had?

Too private.

What do you most like getting the opportunity to say?

Thank you for marrying me.  I say it all the time.

When have you laughed the longest or the most?

Monty Python movies.............watching my Dad laugh at Monty Python movies.

Whose face is your favorite face?

All the faces of people watching music live.............never seen such joy. (best viewed from backstage, looking out at the audience)

Where do you feel safest?


When do you feel most yourself?

Sitting on a bench in Ouray, Colorado.

What makes you nostalgic?

70's rock n roll.

What is the best lesson you have learned in life?

To be content.


HR Mom said…
AHH! A post about you, I felt like I knew what your answers would be most of the time. I liked this post.
the dame said…
Thank you SOOOO much for answering these! I linked the post back to you (hope that's ok).

I love that you answered with The Big Chill - that dialog is amazing to me.

And I feel like questionnaires and memes never ask about work or jobs - but those answers FASCINATE me. We spend so much of our time in our work. Knowing the most unusual or difficult circumstances in which someone has worked feels like a little window into their history. A glimpse of the things they have seen that are so different from what I may have seen or known.

And how rewarding to have watched that teenager grow up and create a family and succeed in life.That is so wonderful to me.


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