Full Day Here

I woke up too early. Always hard to sleep away from home.

If Ouray were only a little closer to home.

Breakfast by Hans and Ingrid. Breakfast conversation with lots of runners who ran a race yesterday to the top of Imogene Pass. Silly me, I thought riding a Jeep to the top was difficult.

We wandered around town, on foot and in the Wrangler..............seems like everywhere is uphill here...hung out TOO long at Bien Tempo........Scootergirl is a social butterfly and made friends wherever we went.
We did Billy Goat Gruff takeout (who knew?).......for dinner and then hot tubs and and conversation.

Early to bed again.........

Now for the guest blogger.....

"Arose with a new sense of purpose, to rediscover what I knew was there. As I looked upon the San Juans...it renewed a feeling of comfort and balance that I somehow miss in my everyday life. Now I'm stuck. I want to be here all the time."

In other words, we are sleepy..........time for sleep.


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