Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weird Week

Lots of chills and spills this week. We are happy. Shannon and Derick gone. Weakest dancer. Hope our Latin hearthrob heals okay.

We Love Len

Who else has better posture than Jason Taylor??? I love that DWTS doesn't take itself too seriously. They make fun of themselves. OMG Jason has flatulence?

Pour Some Sugar on the Dance Floor

drum cam .........cool. Leather on the dancers........cool. I keep thinking....What are my parent's thinking???? Does it freak anyone else out that Def Leppard is on Dancing With The Stars? Okay The Husband does not like Samantha Harris. But tonight he thinks her hair looks good. Extensions, gang. Or maybe her hair grew 5 inches since last week?? More to come.


Where else could you see Jerry Rice with glitter eye shadow on? Wayyy tooooo much under eye concealer on Kenny.


Apparently, worlds will collide. I heard it announced last night but it didn't really register. Def Leppard is performing on Dancing With The Stars tonight. What up with that???? More to come.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Independent Films

I'm a fan of Independent films. Not all of them by any means. But many of my top movie favs would certainly fall into the category of Independent. Two that pop into my head right away are "Smoke Signals" and "The Station Agent" Both are quiet and funny films. Each shows a slice of life unfamiliar to most people. "Smoke Signals" is set on a Indian reservation. As a person proud of her Cherokee roots, I found it profoundly funny and sad at the same time. "The Station Agent" focuses on a person who wants to live in quiet solitude, and just can't seem to find quiet or solitude.

In the past week, I've watched two more that are worth a peek if you like such things. (Frankly, I think more people would like independent films if they saw the RIGHT independent films.) The first was "Millions" . I had not heard of this one at all, but it was on the Independent Film Channel. This is a light-hearted, family friendly movie, about a 7 year old British boy who finds a Nike duffel bag full of money. It's funny, colorful, poignant, and ultimately uplifting.

In stark contrast, I finally got around to watching "In The Bedroom" I had heard about all the amazing performances and it received an Academy Award nomination for best picture. Three of the four main actors were nominated for their performance. This is one of those slow paced pictures that focuses on the actors performances. The story line is on the dark side. It was clearly written by someone who has walked in the shoes of a crime victim. I found it true to life, and gripping.

If you're looking for some flicks to add to the Netflix list, there you go.

Celebrities That Show Up at Our House

For years I kept the fact hidden. Only recently (mostly because of Lileks regular confessions) have I owned up to the fact that a variety of celebrities show up in by dreams. My earliest memories are from high school, when my favorite band, Aerosmith, started making regular appearances. (Come to think of it, Aerosmith hasn't shown up for a while. I still listen to their music, so what's up guys? If I've been a fan for 30 years, the least you could do is show up for an occasional cameo!)

Anyway, this morning I woke up with a chuckle. Here's this morning's feature.

I was standing in the backyard with The Husband. We were waiting for the lawn mowing service to show up. (This is particularly amusing since we actually own what I refer to as, "My Tiny Garden". It takes The Husband about 15 minutes to mow front and back yard combined.) We were also watching the activity in the neighbor's yard, who seemed to be setting up for some sort of event. I heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it. The lawn mowing service had sent someone over, and much to my amusement, sitting on the John Deere ride-around-mower was none other than...........WILLIAM SHATNER!!!

Yes, William Shatner made a cameo in this morning's dream. That was clearly the most exciting part of the dream, unless you count the marching band that showed up at the neighbor's house. I was running around the house looking for my camera to take a picture of Captain Kirk. I think it goes without saying, I dream some wierd stuff. Do celebrities show up in your dreams?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dancing Is In My Genes

The fact that dancing is in my genes does not mean I'm a good dancer. Yes, I know many of the ballroom and latin steps, as in: ..... one, two, cha cha cha! With the right song, I'm decent at the waltz. So why is dancing in my genes? My parents were Dance Instructors when they met. There was a dance studio in downtown Denver (not Arthur Murray, although I think Mom also worked at A.M.) They met there in the late 50's, and the rest is history. I guess they were never partners for shows, because Dad was 6'2" and Mom is five feet tall. (Okay, she insists she's five feet.......... but there's no way. She's 4'10" if she's lucky.)

As a young kid I remember Mom teaching me (and the little bro) all the ballroom and latin steps on our olive green vinyl kitchen floor. Before I was born, they had started going to a church that frowned on the "evils of dancing", but I think Mom and Dad were a little conflicted about that theology. The public dancing may have fallen by the wayside for a number of years, but we still watched everything that ever came on TV involving dancing. Up to and including Michael Jackson videos. I still adore all Hollywood musicals that have dancing, even if they are cheesy. And yes, we all have tickets to see "A Chorus Line" when it comes to town in May. In the early 90's I went through a country western phase and learned how to do all those steps to a country beat. I love dancing, and wish I was light on my feet. I also wish there were more occasions that called for dancing, especially all that floaty ballroom stuff.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, I watch Dancing with the Stars. Religiously. Watched all the seasons, and seldom make it through a show without at least one phone call to the "folks" to hear what they think. My Dad gets quite annoyed when couples who are more skilled get eliminated before more popular, but less talented couples.

I'm shocked and amazed that the series has been as popular for ABC as it has been. I thought it would be a one season wonder. Several seasons later , and it's one of the most popular things ABC has going. I know why I like it. I'm just not sure why so many other people do. And most amazing of all, I'm stunned The Husband likes it. Sure, at first, I thought it was about the creative "costuming" of the women. I mean, even I like the women's costumes. But I really think The Husband likes the DANCING. So we watch each week, and root for the great dancers, and the ones who aren't so great........ but try so hard, and want it so bad.

Tonight they eliminated Marlee Matlin, and it was sad to see her go. Amazing what she's been able to do. For those of you who watch, think how much better she's been than SO MANY who could hear the music.

Now you know the truth. I'm proud to proclaim. I love Dancing With The Stars.

At 6,200 Feet

I'm going to do it. It's reckless, I know. I started to do it about two weeks ago. I took the first steps, I really did. But alas, it was a failed attempt. And foolhardy of me. What was I thinking? But I thought about it all weekend. I checked the Internet, and the local news. I consulted the appropriate government agencies. I realize that I am actually 5 days early by all reputable reports and statistics. But I'm going to do it anyway. I understand and realize the implications.

I'm going to....... (drumroll please)..... put my turtlenecks away. I know this is the equivalent of washing one's car and praying that it won't rain. If I put the turtlenecks in the plastic bin to be stored away, I just may be responsible for it snowing on us again.

But it's a chance I'm willing to take. I'm ready for Spring.

Friday, April 18, 2008

People Who Like Their Job More Than Me

In need of some additional Friday morning caffeine, I pulled into a Seattlebucks drive-thru this morning. (BTW, do they have Seattlebucks drive-thrus everywhere now? Or are they just popping up overnight like Walgreen's here in Colorado? Depending on the route I take, I pass 3 on the same street between home and work. Sorry, I digress.) Now you should know, while I'm not grumpy like I used to be, I'm not exactly "chipper" in the morning. So it about knocked me over when I pulled up to the little speaker/kiosk/thingy and the most PERKY girl/lady/woman's voice came out of the speaker. "Goooood MORNing. Welcome to Seattlebucks!!!!!! What can I get started for you?????" She sounded like a motivational speaker for 3 year-olds. Well, hate to admit it, I started laughing. Yep. Couldn't stop. "Hello???? Can I help you?" I had to cough and clear my throat a few times before I could choke out my little two word order. Of course when I pulled up to the window still laughing the guy handing me my drink seemed completely normal. With a proper amount of friendliness and professionalism. I commented on the "perkiness" of the order taker and he laughed. "She's like that in real life." It got me thinking. We watch a lot of Dirty Jobs at my house. Most of you have probably seen the show on Discovery. Mike Rowe travels around the country doing terrible nasty jobs alongside people who do them every day. It's not a good show to watch while eating but it's good for a laugh and a couple of gross-outs. I whine about my job from time to time. There's days when it's tough to get motivated to go to the office. But just how much positive thinking does one have to muster up to get up every morning and pick up road kill? (an episode Dirty Jobs did). Or how can someone be so terminally cheerful to every disembodied voice that comes through the Seattlebucks drive thru? Maybe I should just shut up and do my cushy job.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Springtime in the Rockies Part 2

With the magic of that Colorado Sun, a different story when I got home.

Spingtime in the Rockies

Well it's par for the course. It's April in Colorado.

That means:

I had the top down on my convertible on Tuesday.

It started raining as I left work on Wednesday.

This morning, I woke up to this.


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