Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red Sun in Colorado - Again

Fires to the north.  Fires to the south.  Some good news, some bad.  Some just sad and tragic.

Out my front windows tonight...........the sun is red.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Two weeks ago, we had the scariest hail storm I've ever heard here in Colorado.  It began around 9PM and lastest for several hours.  I was amazed we had no broken windows.  And that garden of mine was devastated. 

But everything will grow back.  And Farmer's insurance will buy us a new roof, and pay to have our whole house painted.  A hassle?  Yes.  $1000 deductable.  Who wants to fork that out?

But its all a matter of perspective. 

Because meanwhile, many of my fellow Coloradoans are watching their homes go up in flames.  And the pictures on TV are hard to believe.  All over the state, and just an hour south..............

The Springs are in flames.

To all those who read this from out of state..............pray for rain.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beating The Heat

Last summer, here at altitiude, we never broke 100 degrees.  Came close, but never got there.  And this year we've already been 100 or over, several days, and we're not even out of June.  So with a forcast like this, what's a great solution?


Well one solution is a frozen, blended yummy drink. 

This no doubt does the trick, but not something you can indulge in every day.  Well you could, but you probably wouldn't get much else done. 

So one of the ways to beat the heat is to increase your altitude.  About 3000 feet or so, to be exact............


Keystone Colorado.  And an amazing mountain home, compliments of a generous boss.  More pictures to follow.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

She's Baaaaack

Keep forgetting to mention that one of my favorite bloggers has been back up and running for a while now. Filling the blogosphere with her always witty, sometimes profane, commentary on just about everything.  From Texas to England.......and now in Italy.............Rachel Lucas is back and making me laugh just about every night.  Proceed at your own peril................

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

June The 6th

Some years come and go, and some are more difficult than others to face.  I know for sure that I am not the only person on the planet that notes the dates, and the significance of those dates.

What day where you born?  What day did you graduate?  What day did you start your job?  Birthdays, Anniversarys.  And on and on.

 "This Day in History". Each of us have days that are significant for some reason or another.  As a culture, we share days on which something significant happened.  Who, alive that day, doesn't remember November 22 1963? The day President Kennedy was assasinated. No one forgets 9/11. 
In these parts, we all remember April 20, the day that the Columbine massacre happened. 

Oddly, I know two people who died untimely deaths on September 19th.

So today is June 6th, and if you google it, you'll find that it's D-Day.  The day the Allied Forces stormed the beaches and invaded Europe.  A significant day for sure, in the history of the world.  A day that changed the course of WWII. 

For me, June 6th is the day that my world turned upside down, and I lost two friends to a violent death.  The years have passed by, yet each year, I remember, and I mourn.  But I also have learned to smile a bit.  And remember the happy memories of those two men.

Dan's silly ideas, and Frank's kindness to me.  And dozens of other small things.



Blessings on you.  And all those who loved you, as I do.

Rest in peace.


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