Discouraged Republican

Yes......I'm a discouraged Republican.

This is not a new sensation for me..........it's just particularly bad right now.

Where have all the Ronald Reagans gone?

When, really, was the last time a Republican made me jump to my feet?

The situation is particularly bad here in Colorado. We Republicans were recently run out of town, no.......run out of the state. For nearly 4 years now, there was nary a Republican to be found. Things were looking up for us, however, come this fall. Chances to gain the governor's office......maybe a senate seat.

Then we collapsed from within.

For the sake of out of town readers, and since there are other bloggers out there doing it better anyway....I won't go into the details.

We've turned on each other..........the primary battle has turned nasty and riddled with scandals. Apparently the candidates have decided to give the Dems all the fuel they need to run against us in the fall. Not that anyone in the races got me fired up to begin with. I attended a debate amongst the senate candidates near my house...........

The only person whose answers I liked is no longer in the race.

Jane Norton vs Ken Buck?
Scott McInnis vs Dan Maes?

Could we have some choices we actually like, please.............?????

Somewhere, out there is a young, sharp, Republican....(maybe a woman?)who can sound like something other than a used car salesman, or a high school debate team president with a rehearsed speech.

I have a feeling my mail-in ballot is sitting in my mailbox and I hate to say it, but I don't have the slightest idea who I'm going to vote for.

And I swear if I hear another Jane Norton commercial telling me Ken Buck isn't "man enough".................ARRRRRG.

What is a Reagan Republican to do in Colorado?


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