When I woke up this morning the local news said the temperature was 61 degrees.

As I headed northwest towards work, black ominous clouds hung over the Rockies, and the winds were picking up.

The winds brought a wave of fallen leaves heading east, tumbling along the road, as if they were all running away from something.

About a mile away, the rains began and followed me all the way to work.  I love the rain.

At lunch time, the sun had come back out, the winds died down.

But at work day's end, I COULD NOT BELIEVE how cold it was..............wind back too.

I fired up the seat warmers, but still shivered all the way home.

Big bowl of yummy husband-made chili......and now...............

I love days like this.


Gradual Dazzle said…
I kinda figured y'all were enjoying the autumnal chill up thataway... actually, this morning it occurred to me that y'all *might* be experiencing white stuff already. Any signs of it? :)
The Chick Voice said…
Actually, they shut the highway into the hills briefly yesterday, due to blowing snow. But it's one of those weird Denver weather things, it can be a blizzard 30 minutes west, and clear down here. I personally look forward the first snow.......but nothing in the forcast yet. Unusual for this time of year. No snow yet.

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