George Winston - Nature Set To Music

Back in the eighties, a friend and sound guy I knew introduced me to the music of George Winston. "New Age" music was a new genre in the record stores....CD's were the latest and greatest new format. The first George Winston album I bought was Autumn.
Hard to even guess how many times I listened to this album..........and all the others of Winston I bought. Perfect dinner music when friends are over.......great background to read a book to..........perfect for weekend mornings while you read the paper and drink coffee.

Sadly for me too, it was the music of my insomnia. For most of the nineties, I suffered with insomnia so bad some weeks I barely got by. I'd put in George Winston albums and hit the replay button. It was a bad night when the album started for the third time and I was still awake. Thank God I was working in the music industry for a good part of that decade, and I seldom had to get up early.

This last Saturday morning The Husband went to work unusually early, I spent most of the morning sitting in the back yard........drinking coffee, watching the birds and butterflies flit around. And listening to George Winston.

His music no longer spells insomnia for me (although I still fight it) but now his music is my enhancement to enjoying nature. His music sounds like nature. This song sounds like the wind blowing through aspen trees.



Gradual Dazzle said…
I occasionally use Winston's music as background music for certain art project days in the classroom. I've loved it for years, too.

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