Friday, September 23, 2016

Here Comes the Snow

Morning came slowly to Ouray today.  Because this tiny town is surrounded by 13,000 foot peaks, the sun is slow to shine. Had it not been for a yummy breakfast waiting in the dining room I might have slept till 10.  A storm blew through last night and the winds were ferocious.  The winds brought in the clouds, so the darkness held on.  Mid morning it began to rain.  By noon, it was snow.

We visited the Ouray County Museum.  Where we've been before, but they did a revamp and it's quite a treat....................well it is for history geeks like me.  Great way to spend a wet, soggy cold morning in Ouray. 

Wet, snowy weather and 4-wheeling don't mix well.  But today was September snow, not the "real" stuff.  So up the road to Camp Bird Mine we headed.  The mix of cold, clouds, and fall colors was, breathtaking.  Take a peek.

How incredible is this place?

Coming Home To A Place You've Never Been Before

When you're somewhere 300 miles away from where you live, and you're walking down the street and are greeted by someone who you haven't seen in 2 years, but they know you, and welcome you back..................then maybe that place really is your home away from home.

And that's what happened within an hour of arriving in Ouray, Colorado.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It's a long 300 miles to Ouray from Casa Rancho.  There's two routes, but the southern route is more scenic, but a bit longer.  It's not 300 highway miles, because its up and over mountain passes,  two lane roads most of the way.  But the windy roads and steep inclines force you to slow down.  Which is a good thing.  You'd miss the journey along the way.

We kissed Tucker goodbye and left him in good hands yesterday, and took a leisurely drive to Salida. It's a funny, artsy, wait..............are we in Boulder? kind of town..............a mix of retirees, hippies and outdoorsy sports types.  The people watching is great.

Online we'd found an under renovation motel.  Half the rooms complete, half to go, and this place screams Salida for sure.

Found a great little downtown small plates restaurant, The Fritz.  Sleeping on a great mattress is always a good thing.  And then a farm to table kind of breakfast spot.  And we're heading west and south.

Yes. We hit the prime season.  The colors are at "the peak" as they say.  Couldn't have planned it any better.

From Montrose you head south and when the rocks around you begin to turn red, then you know you're close.  Then you round that one bend.  And there you are.  In Ouray, Colorado.  And it feels like coming home.

A stroll down the main street and your favorite Inn Keeper sees you and welcomes you back.

Our favorite place to rest our heads..................The China Clipper Inn.

Their promotional video is of the room we are staying in...............The Captain's Quarters.

Heaven on earth............... to use the worn out expression.  But this place is to me.  And I tear up at the thought.

God made this amazing place called Colorado.  And I was born here.  And my roots run deep in these Rocky Mountains................these purple mountains majesty. The sound of the wind through the aspens, and the scent of the pines after a brief rain shower...........

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Tucker Tuesday

My new little furry man is a bit more photogenic then my dear Bessy was.  She most always looked away when I took a photo, so I only have a treasured few great ones.  But Tucker seems to ham it up for the camera, so I thought I share one each week.

Hence, Tucker Tuesday.

A Boy and His Ball

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sad, But TRUE

Ouch!!  That stings.............

Monday, July 11, 2016

Dog Lovin', Ouray Lovin', America Lovin', Jeep Lovin''s a woman.  I see this Chick in her jeep all the time near Casa Rancho.  Is she a long lost sister?

One of these days I'll actually run in to her.............and introduce myself.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Out My Picture Window

Spring tried to spring.  But it's the Rockies and so no matter what we'd all like to believe............Winter is not over.

But around My Tiny Garden, things were looking up.

 They told us it was coming.  Predicted it for at least a week..................but in Colorado, meteorologists can always get it wrong.

So I set up my camera on a tripod................looking through my dining room picture window.  Peeking at the corner of  My Tiny Garden.  Where the pear tree was in bloom, and the hyacinths too.

And here's shot #1..................followed by what happened. Taken beginning Friday evening.  

This is Springtime in the Rockies. With hummingbird feeder faithfully in place.

The next morning.

Then it got cold and it was all snow.

The round ball at the bottom of the picture is the snow on the top of my chiminea.

Sunday morning.

Clearing somewhat.

And then the sun came out. And the melting began immediately.  Note the hummingbird feeder.

Here's a few other shots of the patio area.

Almost to the top of the four foot fence.

And that's the view out My Picture Window.

Springtime in the 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Catching Up

Been quite sometime since I posted.  Many things contribute to the lack of posting.  None the least of which is a laptop gone bad.............failing battery, not enough RAM, and basically its just plain old.  Think I bought it about 8 years ago.  And it's been lugged all over the state on various trips. It survived being dropped and having the screen replaced.  Been trying to upgrade the operating system for about the last three months................all to no avail.

Hence.............time for a new one, that will hopefully give me another decade or so............

Meanwhile, back at Casa Rancho...........

Spring is nearly here............more about that later.

Nearly a year into the new career.  Been an interesting year.  Started over at my age,  and went back to something familiar and all new at the same time.  Not easy to start over after 50.  And certainly not easy to realize you have to prove who you are all over again.  Most days I'm exhausted.

The best thing about the new job is NOT being the Boss.  The WORST thing about the new job is not being the Boss.

I don't know how to be an employee anymore.

Perhaps in year two I will figure out how, no be.

There's been a lot of changes all around me as well.  I live in the land of large houses.  But this little neighborhood is considered to be "starter homes".  Hence we have a high number of rentals, and people moving in and out all the time.  After 11 years here, there's only one neighbor in this corner of the circle that is an original owner.

 But fortunately one of the new neighbors has become an treasured friend.  When TexasChick and I met we hit it off immediately.  She seems like a long lost friend.  When she faced some health challenges in the last month everyone held their breath.  After a month wait for a proceedure, then a biopsy......we got the "all clear" which called for a celebration. Great excuse to set a table and bake a cake!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Glenn Frey on a Friday Night

You hear that song, and back in time you go.  I'm in high school and it's a warm Friday night.  I'm riding in my mom's Chevy Monza with the Villegas sisters, and we're on our way................somewhere.  To a basketball game, or Round the Corner, a party at someones house, or, where ever. Couldn't tell you for sure, because that could have been any given weekend, any given Friday, and everywhere you went, the Eagles were the soundtrack.  I'd sit in my room and read the lyrics to Hotel California over and over.  Trying to figure out what it meant. And I never figured it out.  Sure I've read all the explanations.  But it's more fun not to know for sure.

Music resonates in our soul like little else can.  It can enhance any mood.  Joy or sorrow.  Anger or peace.

So with a text on my phone from a friend who gets it,  I heard of Glenn's passing.  Turned the dial to KBCO, and sure enough there was Hotel California.  As I drove down the highway, I turned it up LOUD.  And was 17 again, for just a few minutes.

The Eagles were amongst the Rock Stars of my youth.  We listened on the radio, and bought the album (and even Witchy Woman on a 45 in Junior High), and read about them in Rolling Stone.

Too soon, and uncomfortably close to my age.  Let the tributes roll, as I'm sure they will.

He was a gift.

The Two Best Things About Yesterday

First this.

Then this.

At long last, married. And yes, I cried.


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