September Update

I love traditions.

Celebrating things on an annual basis.


I love the change of the seasons, and I tie those rituals, traditions and celebrations to changing seasons.

For the last eight years, The Husband and I have made an annual tradition of heading to Ouray, Colorado for a vacation. What a blessing, that he loves it as much as I do. I told some people at a business meeting today about my trip to Ouray. There are literally thousands of people living in Colorado, many who've lived here for years, and yet they've never seen the San Juans. Yes, Vail and Aspen are beautiful. Pikes Peak, the Collegiate Peaks, are breathtaking. But if you have never driven on the Million Dollar Highway, or sat in the Hot Springs pool in Ouray, you have never seen the best of Colorado. You simply must go.

If magic wands were at my disposal, I would have an updated Victorian 2 blocks off of Main Street in Ouray. The Husband votes for a log cabin off the golf course in Ridgeway, just 10 minutes north. In either case, we would live everyday with the San Juans out our window, and the splendor of God's creation around us, in us, filling us with awe.

Saturday morning will find us heading southwest, through South Park, the Gunnison Valley, past Blue Mesa reservoir to Montrose.

Yes, there is a joy in the journey.

From Montrose just a short trip south, with the San Juans in your front window all the way. Past the jerky stands, and the elk ranch, and the "log cabins for sale" lots.

Then come the red rock formations, which let you know you are getting close, and just around the bend.....just past the see the visitor center, and the ball field.

Ouray, Colorado.

The cherry on the top of the whipped cream, on top of the sundae, is that ScooterGirl and The Marine, our beloved friends from Texas will be in our Wrangler with us.

Ain't Fall grand?????


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