Wednesday, December 24, 2014

End of 2014

Wow.  Here we are.  Christmas Eve 2014.  Predictably quiet here at my house.  They say the snow is coming.  So I guess we'll have a White Christmas...........but not till later tomorrow.

Christmas crept up on me quickly this year.  I miss writing and posting here.  I've been working on some new projects but can't seem to find the time to move things very far forward.

Work is just too overwhelming.   So much upheaval there, and I've been doing the work of three people's jobs since ......ummm.......March?  April? Forever. "Feels like far".

2014 may have been one of the biggest year's of upheaval I have ever experienced in my life.  Okay, maybe not from the outside looking in...........But if I try to attribute that to any one thing I can't.  You think things are starting to fall into place, moving in a specific direction, and then they just fall apart.

But tomorrow is Christmas Day and maybe it can be the start of things getting better, moving forward.

I'm having a quiet calm day tomorrow.

So I set the table, and did as much as I could possibly accomplish tonight.  My family, few as we may be, will join me tomorrow.  Dad and Mom and the Lil' Bro will come for a feast and the traditional opening of the Christmas Bag, I bet.

We will celebrate the birth of our Savior,  These days we certainly need a Savior.

"Let nothing you dismay. Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day."

Christmas 2014

Christmas Tree 2014


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