Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh NO, Not Again

No more cabinet space................really.  Why does Fiesta do this to me?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Review - Blue Like Jazz

Took a few days for me to process before I could write this.  There were a few other things happening in my world.


This guy I know...............Steve Taylor,  has a movie he directed in theaters across America.  I sent some money through Kickstarter to help get the movie funded and made.  Why would I do that?  Because the book spoke to me and I believe in Steve Taylor.  The whole process was difficult and bumpy but I believed.  So here we are. The movie came out, and I saw my name in the credits................

The movie took some time to think about. My expectation, no my HOPE, was that the movie would be good.  Something in me was taking it all so personally.  Oh yah, because I helped pay for it.

I went and saw the movie last weekend. 

My palms were sweaty.  I was really nervous.  I really wanted to like it.

Blue Like Jazz is a good movie.  I liked it. I laughed.  And at the very end............I cried.

Steve Taylor, I am so proud of you.  Donald Miller, I want to hang out with you. You two are funny, real, witty, innovative and inspiring.

Go see this movie.

Never Forgotten

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Before seeing the movie............

I like to tell stories.

So here is the story of The Chick Voice and Steve Taylor and Blue Like Jazz.

I grew up in Denver.  I went to church ALL the time.  We heard some innovative and progressive music at our church. This exposure gave me a taste of "Christian Music" that was off the beaten path.  I liked the revolutionary approach.

In the early 80's, I was introduced to the music of a local guy, named Steve Taylor. His guitar player was a personal friend.  His drummer was also a local guy, as was his sax player.

I soon learned that his Manager ( who I later worked for) was a local guy as well. 

The music.............

Fresh.  Innovative.  New Wave.  Punk.....ish.

Lyrically...........jaw dropping.  Controversial.  Honest.  Shocking.

I was hooked on the music of Steve Taylor.

His "Meltdown" album was the first "CD" I ever owned.  New technology.

I listened to that album one day with my Dad who didn't like the music, but was impressed with the lyrics.

In later years, as I ended up involved in the Christian Music industry, I had the opportunity to meet Steve Taylor.  And found him to be kind, engaging, humble, and, above all accessible.

 Just Steve............from Colorado.

Over the years, our paths crossed.  I ended up working in radio and he was above and beyond accessible as he called in to our little local show to say hello.  Despite the fact that he was live on stage............during a concert.........using a cell phone to talk to us on our silly little local show.

Steve Taylor is just that kind of guy.  In 2008 I got word that he was trying to get a movie made and I posted my thoughts on the book..............

Blue Like Jazz Book Review

And now it's a reality.  I went to a theater today, with The Husband and Lil' Bro.   More to say later tonight............

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to Back Thunderstorms

It has been a wild and chaotic weather year here At Altitude.

We had one of the snowiest Februaries on record.

I thought it was lovely.  But then, I like snow.  And it has been a while since we've had one of those "Oh my gosh I wonder if I'll make it home" days...................

Then came March.  Typically my least favorite month.  Snowiest month each year, and extremes in temperatures.  This year.............unusually warm.  AND dry.

Nearly halfway through April and so far, a little snow.

But back to back thunderstorms.  Yesterday I drove home in a very cool downpour.  And then it tapered off.............only to come back with a vengeance around 11:30pm.  I was still awake but it woke up all the other inhabitants of Casa Rancho.  And my furry friend Bessy is NOT a fan of thunderstorms.

As I sit here's doing it the south and the east of us.  Bright flashes, like fireworks.  And the muffled retorts of the thunder.  Bessy is at my feet.

Personally...........I LOVE thunderstorms.  The brighter the lightning and the louder the thunder, the better.  And as an old Mylon LeFevre song says..........."Come on and crack the sky for me".  

Hate that it makes Bessy anxious.

Meanwhile..............bring it on!  We need the moisture.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mystery Solved

All my life I have wondered.  And now I know my true identity.

 I'm a White Hispanic.  How great it feels to have a label.

According to a caller on Dennis Miller, by that logic.................

Our President is a White African American.

Friday, April 06, 2012

As Requested

As a fan of Dennis Miller............I've been instructed to tell you his radio talk show is great.  "Great" is an overused word.  Singular, scintillating, and just plain more intelligent than me.  I like smart guys.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Places To Go in Santa Fe (Part 1)

Disclaimer: This post is a blatant attempt to draw blog traffic.

With a few days behind me now, here ARE my thoughts concerning Santa Fe:

  • Wow, is it dry there! I guess ARID is the correct term.   Yes, it's dry in Colorado, but it's more so in Santa Fe.  I came back with chapped lips and cheeks.
  • We hit the weather jackpot.  The temps were perfect, in the low 70's the whole time.  But I believe now they got hit with snow just like we are.
  • It's a fairly quick drive from Denver to Santa Fe.  Most of it down the highway at 75 mph.
  • If you are a fan of Southwestern Decor, Santa Fe is overload.  Adobe and Stucco everywhere you look.  I like the consistency of the obvious building codes.  But as my lil bro would say, "everything is the color of dirt".
  • Are you a fan of Southwestern silver and turquoise jewelry?  The quantity available is, actually, overwhelming.  But since I'm a fan of the vintage dead pawn variety.........that narrowed down my choices, and I was very conservative in my purchases...............more on all that later.
And then there is the food. 

I'm very picky about Mexican food, due, in part, to the food served by my Aunt Nikka when I was a little girl.  In her little northwest Denver house.  I can see her flipping the tortillas from hand to hand as she made them from scratch.

So as you would expect, Santa Fe has so much Mexican food, it's hard to find anything BUT Mexican food.  But there were a few highlights.  Everyone we talked to told us to go to The Shed.

This place is full of locals.  Walking distance from The Plaza.  And the food didn't disappoint.  One of the New Mexico distinctions is lots of posole and I love that taste.  This was a chicken soft taco (in a blue shell) and a cheese enchilada.

Because we were eating more than usual, by the time dinner came around, we ate very light.  Sharing an app platter at the La Fonda hotel was enough, and this one was quite tasty. Each selection had great, well thought out taste.  Never had such a good quesadilla.

And then there was the "Frito Pie".............

  •  I've always wanted to stay at the La Fonda, and much of my photos of "The Digs" show how wonderful it was.  It's an historic hotel, which I'm quite fond of.  Maybe not as luxurious as other, newer places, but right in the heart of downtown.  Full of shops and restaurants.  We got a great $99 spring rate, and I looked out my hotel window at the Loretto Chapel.  Not bad.

More in part two about the museums and other observations..........meanwhile........

Free music on The Plaza


Ahhh.........Springtime in the Rockies


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