Sunday, August 31, 2008

DNC Wrap Up

As the sun sets over the Rockies, the control of our Mile High city is back in our own hands. I say "our hands" even though I'm no longer a resident of Denver proper. I still think of Denver as my town, where I spent most of my adult years living. Mayor Hickenlooper must be sleeping well, and it's a well deserved rest. I was one of those dreading the DNC coming here.....and anticipating serious problems all over town. In contrast, the arrests were few, and the roughest handling caught on tape was the arrest of an ABC news reporter outside the Brown Palace Hotel.

Property damage was at a minimum, traffic was bearable, and those I know who spent time downtown described the mood as friendly, fun and party-like. harm, no foul. Financially, it was not the big money boost to folks in the special events industry. Much of the services were brought in from out of state. But with the hotels, restaurants and other tourist type businesses, I'm sure it was a huge windfall for many.

We have now survived a Summit of the Eight, World Youth Day with Pope John Paul, and now a DNC.

Heck, as I said before, we're still just a cow town, and hopefully always will be.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chick Power!

Let's hear it for over-40 chicks. If we had forgetten that McCain was a maverick, we remember now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Classy All The Way

I'm kind of stunned by this................

But I like it very much.

Rebuilding Rome in a Day

There are a lot of exhausted people here in Denver. TV, radio and other journalists made the move from the Pepsi Center to Mile High Stadium. While a very short distance as the crow flies, the effort required was monumental.

If I were an Obama contributor, I'd have to think twice (or twenty times) about the cost involved and why it was necessary.

Then there's the issue of this stage backdrop...................

It's being called the "Temple of Obama"

Stay tuned folks. Today will be an interesting day.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spoke Too Soon

Well of course everything fell apart yesterday afternoon and evening. The biggest story happened away from from the Pepsi Center and downtown. The Aurora Police department (Aurora is just east of Denver) pulled this joker over and then proceeded to arrest three more of his known associates. Turns out they were meth heads.

The "truce" between the protestors and the DPD was over. Last night about 100 protesters got hauled away, following a few squirts of pepper spray.....

Been listening to the police scanner while working yesterday and today, and the town is having all it's normal situations. House fires, women in labor, domestics, car thefts, and then the added suspicious backpacks, weird white vans, prolife protesters mixin it up with code pink, etc, etc. The police, fire, and rescue folks are working their butts off. Denver has many surrounding police departments helping out. It's a big job.

SarahK over at Mountaineer Musings linked to a blogger with amazing photos from the goings on. You really should check it out. Amazing photos.

Meanwhile on the event front...........things going on all over town. Hollywood is here. And everyone at our company is exhausted. Two more days to go, and then it's back to the normal amount of mayhem.

This DNC is like having friends come and stay for the weekend and then they ask if they can stay the whole week..............and bring their crazy cousins too.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Day One - All Quiet So Far

Well not ENTIRELY quiet. There were some protesters arrested, but nothing on a mass scale.

The most exciting thing to me....... The beloved Mr. Lileks is in town, and apparently wandering around with a camera crew. He's posting reports on the Star Tribune site.

Check it out here.

Today is when it may all hit the standby.

PS: Do you think it's a coincidence that there where tornadoes last night????

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh Goody

Barry Obama picks Joe Biden. This is going to be fun. Senator Biden says some good things.

This is one of my favorites..........

He LOVES people from India. And they all work at Dunkin Donuts or 7 Eleven.

That's political correctness at it's best.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Brokaw and Gibson Share Car on Roller Coaster

And so it begins.........................

We are being invaded. Saw my first batch of protesters on Broadway yesterday.

In one of the first Host Committee events, they are having a Media party at Elitch Gardens tomorrow night.

Having a hard time imagining this happening at Elitches. And you really have to be from here to truly appreciate that statement.

Seriously, you think the Fox News guys will ride Twister II?

You know, if I didn't have a job, I would spend the week going all over town to remote newscasts and being one of "those people" talking on their cell phones behind the news casters.

"Hello, mom?"

"What are you doing?"

"Turn on channel nine."

"No mom, NINE. Not seven."

"Can you see me?"

I love "those people"

Never mind....................I have to work.

Olympic Sychronized Swimming

OH NO! Did I miss it???? The most bizarre of all Olympic events????

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at the Olympics


Worth staying up late for. What an amazing beach volleyball final. Closely fought. Awesomely won. Walsh/May were awesome. Great emotion, and what's this? Kerri thanked George W?

When Misty sprinkled her mother's ashes in the sand.....................well...........

For the naysayers......................yes, it's just "sports". But as humans, we are improved and uplifted when we rally behind a common cause. When you ad national pride...........

Me likey the Olympics.

Even if they are in China.

Cool.........Nader Green Jello

The Greenies are coming. It's going to be a wonderland. Don't you all wish you were coming to Denver?

Fun Times in Denver

Word around town on the radio talk show circuit is that all the protesters coming for the DNC have lots of fun planned. Someone tipped off a radio host that the protesters get here early and leave "party favors" laying around for future fun making.

Like duct taping bricks to the back of dumpsters in downtown Denver.

You know..... so they have what they need on a moments notice.

Yesterday, local CBS affiliate had this story about a Denver Police department memo, telling officers what to keep an eye out for.

Gee whiz..................sounds like a fun party.

Remind me again...................why is this good for Denver?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Campfire Night

I have melted marshmallows smeared on my sweats. And my hair smells like a campfire.

Fall can't be far away.

We've had a strange weather year here at 6200 hundred feet. We usually get rain in June and hot temps in July and August. This year the rain never came, and in a state that doesn't get much to begin with................well its been a dry, dry, year. Then we broke the record for consecutive days over 90 degrees. Mind you, I'm not complaining. We have mild summers and little to no humidity. Starting a few weeks ago, the rains began. All over town it began to pour. Not all day, but good soaking rains..............................

In our little slice of heaven........nothing.

So we've been thrilled to have three consecutive days of soaking Tiny Garden is happy. But with temps in the 50s, and that still damp smell, it seemed like the perfect night for one of my favorite in the backyard.

We just picked up some new marshmallow toasting forks, a great replacement for the unbent wire hangers. When the neighborhood kids smell the pinon wood smoke, they magically appear, we break out the marshmallows and sticky messes abound. I think our little chiminea is one of the favorite things we own.

We'll be back in the 80's this week, but I've got the taste of fall in my mouth.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Awesomeness Off the Charts.

VERY exciting men's beach volleyball match. Whew.............pulled that one out!

But Michael PHELPS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really really awesome, Michael.

Dalhausser Carville Volleyball

Based on my site meter Google search results, I'm not the only one noticing the eerie resemblance of beach volleyball star Phil Dalhausser and Clinton's buddy, James Carville.

The huge difference is that I will actually sit and watch Phil Dalhausser for extended periods of time without feeling the urge to throw things at the TV.

Sorry, didn't mean to get political because God knows, the Olympics are NEVER political. Haven't you heard Morgan Freeman telling us in the VISA ads that its all about ONE WORLD?? (No offense to Morgan because I love me some Morgan Freeman.)
While we are on the subject of beach volleyball, there's scuttle but about the male/female disparity as it relates to the "uniforms". But come on, ladies, would we really want to see the guys more scantily clad?? Jumping around in the sand??? Okay, maybe sans shirts but more than that would just be.................eewww.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dems Are Coming

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may realize that after Michael Phelps gets through winning everything possible, another little event will begin.
In my back yard.
Few outside the Denver area are aware that the Dems have been here before......................100 years ago.

Yes the last time the Democratic National Convention was in Denver was in 1908.
Frankly, not much has changed in Denver, we're still just a cow town, you know........ horses, cowpokes and gunfights in the streets. We do have phones, and yes, the Internet.
You've heard, no doubt, that we have a Mayor named HICK -enlooper. He doesn't really ride a horse, he rides a scooter.
He's not a native. But he brought us beer. Well, better beer. All we had before was "Coors".
Maybe you've heard of it?
Yah, Denver's just a cow town in "flyover country".
Local Denver Post columnist, Bill Husted, ran a piece last weekend, commenting in part,
I just returned from the East Coast, and the liberal elite there think we have manure on our shoes. I have seldom, if ever, run into a more chauvinistic group of snobs. And I grew up in NYC.
"Denver?" they say. "What do you do there?
"Do any celebrities live there?"
"I spent a few days in Denver," said one well-heeled women during dinner at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor. "Not sequentially of course. On my way to Aspen."
I tell them about our vibrant cultural scene, the bustling restaurant community, the proximity to the mountains, the 300 days of sunshine. I am met with looks of disdain.
They really are like the famous New Yorker cover that depicts a view of America where not much happens west of the Hudson River.
When I noted that The Denver Post has a Sunday circulation of more than 600,000, a man said to me, "Yes, but who cares about those people?" Expect plenty of this during the Democratic convention, OK cowpokes?
Yah. Really looking forward to this.
More, MUCH more to follow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympically Exhausted

I am so tired at work today.

Diagnosis...............too much Olympics watching. When does the boring stuff start that won't keep me up till midnight?

Never mind. We haven't even started track and field and I like that as much as gymnastics and swimming.

Oh, and by the way. We don't have time for this in Denver.

The Democrats are coming..................................

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pixies From China

Yaaa, totally believe it. All the Chinese gymnasts are old enough..........NONE of them look ELEVEN years old.

Dalhausser/Carville Long Lost Brothers????

Anybody besides me notice the similarities????

Synchronized Diving

Synchronized diving?????

How did I miss this?

When did this start?

Am I the only one who finds this sport a little.........................odd?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best Olympic Moments (So Far)

How ironic that the watching of the Oympics, cheering on the athletes, leads to "sofa surfing" and coach potato-ing on our part.
Best parts so far...........USA Women sweeping the fencing.

Michael Phelps's first gold of this go round.

Local boy, Alexander Artemev awesome on the pommel horse.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Parade of the Nations

one of my favorite parts.

How cool are the Chinese go-go dancers surrounding the field?


Tears in my eyes. Because all things big and small that are beautiful tug at my heart.

I always love watching the Olympics. I cheer our American athletes on. I love the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

Having worked doing special events and being around "technical magic" all the time has jaded me. Takes a lot to impress me................

The Opening Ceremonies were stunning.............

Yes I will go on and on about this and all the competitions to come.

LOVE this stuff.

What The?

I keep yelling at the tv....................

how are they doing that??????????????

Opening Ceremony

Okay, so politics aside. Should the Olympics have gone to China? Should Bush have gone?

All topics for a post somewhere else.

I work in the special events, technical services industry. I know lighting and audio and special effects.

I have never seen anything like what they are doing with this opening ceremony.

Jaw dropping.....................nearly unbelievable.

Seriously. Seriously, and it's just begun....................

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer Over??

Is it just me, or does school start earlier each year? I mean it's August still, isn't it? Didn't the school year used to start in September?

I'm questioning this because as I'm posting, I can hear a marching band in my back yard.

No, not some weird dream thing. We live very close to a high school. The marching band practices in the parking lot. Playing music and, you know, marching. I can't see them, but I can hear them. And with the weird acoustics that bounce off the houses, I swear they sound like they are in my back yard.

They are practicing already. On August 7th.



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