The Dems Are Coming

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may realize that after Michael Phelps gets through winning everything possible, another little event will begin.
In my back yard.
Few outside the Denver area are aware that the Dems have been here before......................100 years ago.

Yes the last time the Democratic National Convention was in Denver was in 1908.
Frankly, not much has changed in Denver, we're still just a cow town, you know........ horses, cowpokes and gunfights in the streets. We do have phones, and yes, the Internet.
You've heard, no doubt, that we have a Mayor named HICK -enlooper. He doesn't really ride a horse, he rides a scooter.
He's not a native. But he brought us beer. Well, better beer. All we had before was "Coors".
Maybe you've heard of it?
Yah, Denver's just a cow town in "flyover country".
Local Denver Post columnist, Bill Husted, ran a piece last weekend, commenting in part,
I just returned from the East Coast, and the liberal elite there think we have manure on our shoes. I have seldom, if ever, run into a more chauvinistic group of snobs. And I grew up in NYC.
"Denver?" they say. "What do you do there?
"Do any celebrities live there?"
"I spent a few days in Denver," said one well-heeled women during dinner at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor. "Not sequentially of course. On my way to Aspen."
I tell them about our vibrant cultural scene, the bustling restaurant community, the proximity to the mountains, the 300 days of sunshine. I am met with looks of disdain.
They really are like the famous New Yorker cover that depicts a view of America where not much happens west of the Hudson River.
When I noted that The Denver Post has a Sunday circulation of more than 600,000, a man said to me, "Yes, but who cares about those people?" Expect plenty of this during the Democratic convention, OK cowpokes?
Yah. Really looking forward to this.
More, MUCH more to follow.


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