Dalhausser Carville Volleyball

Based on my site meter Google search results, I'm not the only one noticing the eerie resemblance of beach volleyball star Phil Dalhausser and Clinton's buddy, James Carville.

The huge difference is that I will actually sit and watch Phil Dalhausser for extended periods of time without feeling the urge to throw things at the TV.

Sorry, didn't mean to get political because God knows, the Olympics are NEVER political. Haven't you heard Morgan Freeman telling us in the VISA ads that its all about ONE WORLD?? (No offense to Morgan because I love me some Morgan Freeman.)
While we are on the subject of beach volleyball, there's scuttle but about the male/female disparity as it relates to the "uniforms". But come on, ladies, would we really want to see the guys more scantily clad?? Jumping around in the sand??? Okay, maybe sans shirts but more than that would just be.................eewww.


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