Campfire Night

I have melted marshmallows smeared on my sweats. And my hair smells like a campfire.

Fall can't be far away.

We've had a strange weather year here at 6200 hundred feet. We usually get rain in June and hot temps in July and August. This year the rain never came, and in a state that doesn't get much to begin with................well its been a dry, dry, year. Then we broke the record for consecutive days over 90 degrees. Mind you, I'm not complaining. We have mild summers and little to no humidity. Starting a few weeks ago, the rains began. All over town it began to pour. Not all day, but good soaking rains..............................

In our little slice of heaven........nothing.

So we've been thrilled to have three consecutive days of soaking Tiny Garden is happy. But with temps in the 50s, and that still damp smell, it seemed like the perfect night for one of my favorite in the backyard.

We just picked up some new marshmallow toasting forks, a great replacement for the unbent wire hangers. When the neighborhood kids smell the pinon wood smoke, they magically appear, we break out the marshmallows and sticky messes abound. I think our little chiminea is one of the favorite things we own.

We'll be back in the 80's this week, but I've got the taste of fall in my mouth.


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