DNC Wrap Up

As the sun sets over the Rockies, the control of our Mile High city is back in our own hands. I say "our hands" even though I'm no longer a resident of Denver proper. I still think of Denver as my town, where I spent most of my adult years living. Mayor Hickenlooper must be sleeping well, and it's a well deserved rest. I was one of those dreading the DNC coming here.....and anticipating serious problems all over town. In contrast, the arrests were few, and the roughest handling caught on tape was the arrest of an ABC news reporter outside the Brown Palace Hotel.

Property damage was at a minimum, traffic was bearable, and those I know who spent time downtown described the mood as friendly, fun and party-like.

So...no harm, no foul. Financially, it was not the big money boost to folks in the special events industry. Much of the services were brought in from out of state. But with the hotels, restaurants and other tourist type businesses, I'm sure it was a huge windfall for many.

We have now survived a Summit of the Eight, World Youth Day with Pope John Paul, and now a DNC.

Heck, as I said before, we're still just a cow town, and hopefully always will be.


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