Spoke Too Soon

Well of course everything fell apart yesterday afternoon and evening. The biggest story happened away from from the Pepsi Center and downtown. The Aurora Police department (Aurora is just east of Denver) pulled this joker over and then proceeded to arrest three more of his known associates. Turns out they were meth heads.

The "truce" between the protestors and the DPD was over. Last night about 100 protesters got hauled away, following a few squirts of pepper spray.....

Been listening to the police scanner while working yesterday and today, and the town is having all it's normal situations. House fires, women in labor, domestics, car thefts, and then the added suspicious backpacks, weird white vans, prolife protesters mixin it up with code pink, etc, etc. The police, fire, and rescue folks are working their butts off. Denver has many surrounding police departments helping out. It's a big job.

SarahK over at Mountaineer Musings linked to a blogger with amazing photos from the goings on. You really should check it out. Amazing photos.

Meanwhile on the event front...........things going on all over town. Hollywood is here. And everyone at our company is exhausted. Two more days to go, and then it's back to the normal amount of mayhem.

This DNC is like having friends come and stay for the weekend and then they ask if they can stay the whole week..............and bring their crazy cousins too.



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