Celebrities That Show Up at Our House

For years I kept the fact hidden. Only recently (mostly because of Lileks regular confessions) have I owned up to the fact that a variety of celebrities show up in by dreams. My earliest memories are from high school, when my favorite band, Aerosmith, started making regular appearances. (Come to think of it, Aerosmith hasn't shown up for a while. I still listen to their music, so what's up guys? If I've been a fan for 30 years, the least you could do is show up for an occasional cameo!)

Anyway, this morning I woke up with a chuckle. Here's this morning's feature.

I was standing in the backyard with The Husband. We were waiting for the lawn mowing service to show up. (This is particularly amusing since we actually own what I refer to as, "My Tiny Garden". It takes The Husband about 15 minutes to mow front and back yard combined.) We were also watching the activity in the neighbor's yard, who seemed to be setting up for some sort of event. I heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it. The lawn mowing service had sent someone over, and much to my amusement, sitting on the John Deere ride-around-mower was none other than...........WILLIAM SHATNER!!!

Yes, William Shatner made a cameo in this morning's dream. That was clearly the most exciting part of the dream, unless you count the marching band that showed up at the neighbor's house. I was running around the house looking for my camera to take a picture of Captain Kirk. I think it goes without saying, I dream some wierd stuff. Do celebrities show up in your dreams?


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