People Who Like Their Job More Than Me

In need of some additional Friday morning caffeine, I pulled into a Seattlebucks drive-thru this morning. (BTW, do they have Seattlebucks drive-thrus everywhere now? Or are they just popping up overnight like Walgreen's here in Colorado? Depending on the route I take, I pass 3 on the same street between home and work. Sorry, I digress.) Now you should know, while I'm not grumpy like I used to be, I'm not exactly "chipper" in the morning. So it about knocked me over when I pulled up to the little speaker/kiosk/thingy and the most PERKY girl/lady/woman's voice came out of the speaker. "Goooood MORNing. Welcome to Seattlebucks!!!!!! What can I get started for you?????" She sounded like a motivational speaker for 3 year-olds. Well, hate to admit it, I started laughing. Yep. Couldn't stop. "Hello???? Can I help you?" I had to cough and clear my throat a few times before I could choke out my little two word order. Of course when I pulled up to the window still laughing the guy handing me my drink seemed completely normal. With a proper amount of friendliness and professionalism. I commented on the "perkiness" of the order taker and he laughed. "She's like that in real life." It got me thinking. We watch a lot of Dirty Jobs at my house. Most of you have probably seen the show on Discovery. Mike Rowe travels around the country doing terrible nasty jobs alongside people who do them every day. It's not a good show to watch while eating but it's good for a laugh and a couple of gross-outs. I whine about my job from time to time. There's days when it's tough to get motivated to go to the office. But just how much positive thinking does one have to muster up to get up every morning and pick up road kill? (an episode Dirty Jobs did). Or how can someone be so terminally cheerful to every disembodied voice that comes through the Seattlebucks drive thru? Maybe I should just shut up and do my cushy job.


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