Independent Films

I'm a fan of Independent films. Not all of them by any means. But many of my top movie favs would certainly fall into the category of Independent. Two that pop into my head right away are "Smoke Signals" and "The Station Agent" Both are quiet and funny films. Each shows a slice of life unfamiliar to most people. "Smoke Signals" is set on a Indian reservation. As a person proud of her Cherokee roots, I found it profoundly funny and sad at the same time. "The Station Agent" focuses on a person who wants to live in quiet solitude, and just can't seem to find quiet or solitude.

In the past week, I've watched two more that are worth a peek if you like such things. (Frankly, I think more people would like independent films if they saw the RIGHT independent films.) The first was "Millions" . I had not heard of this one at all, but it was on the Independent Film Channel. This is a light-hearted, family friendly movie, about a 7 year old British boy who finds a Nike duffel bag full of money. It's funny, colorful, poignant, and ultimately uplifting.

In stark contrast, I finally got around to watching "In The Bedroom" I had heard about all the amazing performances and it received an Academy Award nomination for best picture. Three of the four main actors were nominated for their performance. This is one of those slow paced pictures that focuses on the actors performances. The story line is on the dark side. It was clearly written by someone who has walked in the shoes of a crime victim. I found it true to life, and gripping.

If you're looking for some flicks to add to the Netflix list, there you go.


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