At 6,200 Feet

I'm going to do it. It's reckless, I know. I started to do it about two weeks ago. I took the first steps, I really did. But alas, it was a failed attempt. And foolhardy of me. What was I thinking? But I thought about it all weekend. I checked the Internet, and the local news. I consulted the appropriate government agencies. I realize that I am actually 5 days early by all reputable reports and statistics. But I'm going to do it anyway. I understand and realize the implications.

I'm going to....... (drumroll please)..... put my turtlenecks away. I know this is the equivalent of washing one's car and praying that it won't rain. If I put the turtlenecks in the plastic bin to be stored away, I just may be responsible for it snowing on us again.

But it's a chance I'm willing to take. I'm ready for Spring.


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