Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Nights

It's been a not so ordinary summer for all kinds of reasons.  We haven't really sat out on the patio as much because frankly, there's been two conditions................raining or uncomfortably warm.  They're saying on the news that we've had 16 consecutive days of temps over 90.  But last night it cooled off so nicely that we spent the evening outside.........until after dark, even felt chilly enough to have a fire and The Husband pulled out a blanket.  And the soundtrack was Led Zeppelin.  Loud Led Zeppelin.

There continues to be an assortment of cool little creatures lurking around the wall garden.  Including caterpillars.  They like to hang out the in the Virginia Creeper.

And can you see in the background there?........a few lone columbines, hanging on through all this heat.  Hearty little guys.

And the sunset was a memorable, although I couldn't get a good angle.  Click on this one to expand it, and look at the great colors of the mountains and clouds.  Impressive.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally - A Tunesday with Phil

Late Saturday afternoon, Phil Keaggy was playing on the rock speakers in the back yard. Just a random play of the many albums of his loaded on my IPod. Phil's music kind of goes with nature and the outdoors. It's hard for someone who's never seen Phil live to understand what the experience is really like. His albums are wonderful, some of the most played in my collection, but live, he's stunning.

Looks like someone has posted from his live DVD and this will give you a taste.  He is one of the kindest, most humble artists I've ever had the privilege to be around.  Phil Keaggy, and that looping thing he entire band all by himself.........and all the while missing a finger!  Wow.
Take 15 or 20 minutes of your day and listen to the master.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bad Blogger

It's been pointed out to me by more than one person that I have been neglecting my blog.  It's true, my mind has been elsewhere.  I know I  find it somewhat annoying when I have favorite blogs I read that no new posts show up on, as if they owe us one.  What would I do without my 5 day a week dose of James Lileks?  I know, I'd find myself wondering if he'd been to Target lately, and if he found a scent he liked at Bath and Body Works, or what movie he watched last night.   All that important stuff that he somehow makes infinitely interesting. 

But I guess in my head I don't think there's anyone out there who's life is altered if I do or don't post.  (Okay, there's my Dad, but he's always been in my corner).  Sometimes life just gets full, doesn't it?  And for me, sometimes it's just my brain that gets full.  It's seldom a matter of not having anything to say.  I ALWAYS have something to say.  Usually I just have too much in my head, and don't think any of it is worth writing down, because no one would be interested but me.  And aren't all of our own thoughts endlessly us?

I will attempt to be better.  But be forewarned.  This means I will talk about those silly little the fact that I saw a hummingbird eating at my honeysuckle bush yesterday.  And that The Husband and the boys from next door found a crawdad on the sidewalk (who I think is now dead in my birdbath).  Oh and then there's the fact that this season's Big Brother cast is a giant bore.  Did I mention that the final Harry Potter movie made me cry?  Shamelessly as a matter of fact, and I was not the only one in the theater that was crying.  Also I feel a "favorite things" series coming on.  Because there are things around me that make me happy when I look at them, and I think I should share.  I can't wait to see the movie "The Help".  Did you know I bought 2 salt lamps?  Have you ever even heard of salt lamps?  I hadn't.  Who besides me has a little crush on Tim Tebow?

So you see my brain is full of unimportant thoughts, it's just they are only important to me.  But I guess that's part of the self indulgence of having a blog in the first place.  We like to hear ourselves "write".  I just wish I was as good as James Lileks.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Three times this week, our weather has made the national least Good Morning America has talked about the high volume of water falling from the sky.  All this daily rain and the high humidity is making for a pretty steamy July, and frankly, around here, we're just not used to this. For ten days in a row I think, there has been afternoon or evening showers.  Some sensational lightning shows as well.  Hail in parts of town, including DIA, where it damaged many planes and delayed flights.  Hassle for everyone.

Today was no exception.  There was quick shower in the late afternoon, but then a downpour around seven.  I love weather, rain especially, but the humidity is not so pleasant and they're telling us we may hit 100 tomorrow.  Seems like not so long ago I was hoping for the snow to end..........and here we are.

More steaminess is in the forecast..............bring it on.........

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Closer - Opener

I would expect no less................first episode of the last season of The Closer..............jaw dropping!  Continuing from last season, Deputy Chief Brenda Lee is using her slightly sketchy tactics to get confessions, or in this case, actions from the bad guys.

Sad that this will be the final season, but since it is, no doubt they will pull the rug out from under us multiple times.

If you have not yet watched this first episode, well, don't miss the last 30 seconds!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Water For Elephants

I'm way behind in all of my book reviews, so I'll attempt to get caught up.

Pretty sure I was one of the last people to read Water For Elephants, and I rushed to do so.  The book club I'm in had read it before I joined them.  But we had a girls night out (GNO) to see the movie, so I read the book about three days.  It was different than I expected.  I went into the read thinking it was a chick tragedy kind of book (Oprah pick, you know).  But instead it was written from the perspective of the male character (played by Robert Pattinson in the movie).  For some reason, the book reminded me of a Stephen King short story, a la Shaw Shank Redemption.  It was a love story for sure, but that didn't seem to be the main focus.  It seemed more about aging, and reflecting on the choices we make, and the long term effect those choices cause in life. 

So the book was, pretty good.  Not the fantastic read I had been led to believe.

So the movie.  The best part of the movie was just going out with the book club girls to watch it.  Having Robert Pattinson in the cast was I'm sure a big draw to many.  I personally didn't find him that compelling in this role.  They did the normal movie adaptation thing and changed some things.  They eliminated the owner of the circus entirely.  I think that took out some layers to the interaction between the characters.  Reese Witherspoon fit the role nicely, but there didn't seem to be much real chemistry between she and Robert.


Just eh.

Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July - 2011

It was a hot one, here At Altitude.  Not nearly as hot as other places, I know, but a scorcher none the less.

We have neighbors across the street, who were original owners, like us who sold, moved out, and closed on their house this week. A job offer is moving them up north of here not so far away, but a world away as opposed to seeing them almost everyday.  We met when they came looking for a snow shovel to borrow, the first week we both moved in.

I have a hard time with change..............a really hard time, and even when the change is for the good, I still struggle.  In this case, we'll miss the friendship. 

So we combined a going away bash for them, with the annual block party, which we've had every year we've lived here.  The block was jumping, lots of people, many who I met for the first time.............all in the house, outside the house, in my back yard, on the the driveway, in the garage.  Kids galore............water balloons, squirt gun fights, ladder golf, Frisbee, games of catch, hot dogs on the grill, cupcakes and rice crispy treats, in other words, an all American 4th of July.  We even had great tunes, thanks to a friend who's a DJ and brought his gear.

In a poetic moment, the new owner of our friend's house showed up too and came and hung out with us all for a while, and met all his new, noisy, party loving neighbors.  Welcome to a neighborhood that's actually a neighborhood, not just a row of houses where no one interacts.  In this little slice of the world, we all watch out for each other, break bread together and enjoy the feeling of home.

  We shot off some fireworks, the kind we can, and someone....... who just moved out ......provided the out of state variety......but we got away with it. I sat, observing last night, as the party was winding down.  I get to the end of days like that and the filmmaker buried deep inside me, sees the whole thing from behind a camera lens.  It was in slow motion as the kids flooded the street in the near dark, the glow from the sparklers illuminating their faces. 

We live in a great country, in a great state, and my little slice of it is not so bad either. 

And sparklers are one of my most favorite things.


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