Dog Days of Summer

Three times this week, our weather has made the national least Good Morning America has talked about the high volume of water falling from the sky.  All this daily rain and the high humidity is making for a pretty steamy July, and frankly, around here, we're just not used to this. For ten days in a row I think, there has been afternoon or evening showers.  Some sensational lightning shows as well.  Hail in parts of town, including DIA, where it damaged many planes and delayed flights.  Hassle for everyone.

Today was no exception.  There was quick shower in the late afternoon, but then a downpour around seven.  I love weather, rain especially, but the humidity is not so pleasant and they're telling us we may hit 100 tomorrow.  Seems like not so long ago I was hoping for the snow to end..........and here we are.

More steaminess is in the forecast..............bring it on.........


Anonymous said…
I think more people should turn their lawn sprinklers off.

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