Water For Elephants

I'm way behind in all of my book reviews, so I'll attempt to get caught up.

Pretty sure I was one of the last people to read Water For Elephants, and I rushed to do so.  The book club I'm in had read it before I joined them.  But we had a girls night out (GNO) to see the movie, so I read the book about three days.  It was different than I expected.  I went into the read thinking it was a chick tragedy kind of book (Oprah pick, you know).  But instead it was written from the perspective of the male character (played by Robert Pattinson in the movie).  For some reason, the book reminded me of a Stephen King short story, a la Shaw Shank Redemption.  It was a love story for sure, but that didn't seem to be the main focus.  It seemed more about aging, and reflecting on the choices we make, and the long term effect those choices cause in life. 

So the book was, pretty good.  Not the fantastic read I had been led to believe.

So the movie.  The best part of the movie was just going out with the book club girls to watch it.  Having Robert Pattinson in the cast was I'm sure a big draw to many.  I personally didn't find him that compelling in this role.  They did the normal movie adaptation thing and changed some things.  They eliminated the owner of the circus entirely.  I think that took out some layers to the interaction between the characters.  Reese Witherspoon fit the role nicely, but there didn't seem to be much real chemistry between she and Robert.

So overall.................eh.

Just eh.


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