Summer Nights

It's been a not so ordinary summer for all kinds of reasons.  We haven't really sat out on the patio as much because frankly, there's been two conditions................raining or uncomfortably warm.  They're saying on the news that we've had 16 consecutive days of temps over 90.  But last night it cooled off so nicely that we spent the evening outside.........until after dark, even felt chilly enough to have a fire and The Husband pulled out a blanket.  And the soundtrack was Led Zeppelin.  Loud Led Zeppelin.

There continues to be an assortment of cool little creatures lurking around the wall garden.  Including caterpillars.  They like to hang out the in the Virginia Creeper.

And can you see in the background there?........a few lone columbines, hanging on through all this heat.  Hearty little guys.

And the sunset was a memorable, although I couldn't get a good angle.  Click on this one to expand it, and look at the great colors of the mountains and clouds.  Impressive.


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