Wednesday, September 29, 2010

UN Me Movie

I heard the person who made this movie on Dennis Miller's radio show.  I hesititate to endorse a movie I haven't seen.  But I'm a sucker for documentaries..............I love this trailer.........for now, take a look and let's see.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bad Blogger No Posting

I have been bad about blogging............."things" get in the way.

Here is an incomplete list of my lame excuses.

"I'm Melting..............."  This is not the September of my dreams.  It has been one of the hottest on record according to the weather folks.  This time last year, we had already had snow. Dry, hot, and everything is so crispy..........well, let's just say, we've been watering the hill behind our house (though it's not our property) just in case.  I started the month with ideas of all my wonderful September blog posts............full of cool crisp days.  It is a little chilly overnight, but this is not the September I had been looking forward to.  Maybe we will have September in October, which means the end is in sight.

I have been buried at work.  Whenever I go on vacation, I am left with a mountain of things to work through and fix upon my return.  Down to the bottom of the pile, but I am exhausted when I get home at night.

Banking woes.  Upon our return from vacation I received a call from our wonderful credit union, there were "suspicious" transactions on our account, or more specifically, from our debit card.  "No", I told the man on the phone, we were not currently at a Walmart in Mississippi.  "Yes, please", decline the transaction.  Hooray for a credit union, that is diligent in looking out for us.  In the end, no money lost, new cards issued on the spot.......I love my credit union..................thanks, Dad, for the referral.

Free babysitting at your service...............since her adoption as a newborn, I have been one of the designated babysitters for my boss' daughter.  I volunteered for the duty, and have watched her for an evening, or overnight many times.  As an amazingly tall 8 year old, she is a joy to have around, and never poses a problem.  Both her mom and dad were busy this past weekend, so I picked her up on Friday night, and she stayed with us for the whole weekend, till mom picked her up late Sunday night.  She's a big hit in our neighborhood...........the 5 and 7 year old boys next door were competing for her attention.  She joined the weekend kickball games, and there was much roasting of marshmallows, both in our back yard, and the neighbors.  I think we exhausted her completely, but surprise............The Husband and I were wiped out too.

As September winds down, things will calm down (somewhat).  I will then be able to get down electronically, all the things rattling around in my brain.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall At Last

Yes at exactly 9:09 PM MDT, it becomes fall.  And none too soon.  Today it felt like fall.  Chilly in the morning.  Finally got some rain last night and tonight.  I'm so over the hot.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ouray Reviews and Recomendations

So here's the wrap up on our trip to Ouray.

First of's so great to hang out with Scootergirl and The Marine.

We adore them.......sad that they are in another state.........but glad that they are in our life.........and will stay so for many years to come.  It's an easy and  comfortable friendship...........the best kind.

As always, I feel like going to Ouray is like taking a mild sedative............a Valium that lasts for a few months.

It's an "At Altitude",  high places, Colorado mountains, kinda thing.........

Thank you, God, for creating such a place.

The China Clipper is our home away from home.  Hans and Ingrid (the owners) make it a place of peace and solice.  Like staying at home...........which is the point.

Vacations serve two purposes............excitement, adventure, discovery................AND peace, relaxation and rejuvination.  Our annual Ouray vacation is all about the second.  Peace, calm, quiet, and most importantly..........the majesty of God's creation.  God's creation is displayed in all it's splendor in Ouray.

We visited the old, and checked out the new.

So if you are a random visitor to this blog, reading about is my list of observations........

Stay at the China Clipper.............more money????  Yes.............worth it?????  Yes.

Go see the Ouray Ale House.  If you don't like beer...........AT ALL.........maybe not.

But Hutch and the Ouray Ale House is a unique experience............the BEST of Colorado mountain towns........gotta do it............

New place in town..........Ouray not so good.  They MAY get better, but our first experience was not stellar.  Beer??????? Not so good.  Pass it up, go get a pizza and take it to Hutch's............. you'll get MUCH better beer there.

The rest of Ouray seems to be the same as it ever was.........except for.............the VARIETY STORE IS CLOSING.  Are you serious?  This is a store beyond description really.  If you have  been to Ouray more than once, you know that you no longer need to worry if you forgot to pack something because they sell ONE OF EVERYTHING IN THIS STORE..............SERIOUSLY.

Alas...........nothing really stays the same

I love Ouray.  I would live there tomorrow if I could.  The property costs are too high.............wages too low.  So it will be our home away from home.............once a year.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Photos From Ouray

Two Marines Hanging Out in Front of City Hall

View From Below Camp Bird Mine

Aspen Grove Near Camp Bird Mine

Grand Staircase of Beaumont Hotel

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photos from Ouray

The Dillon Pinnacles at Blue Mesa

Above Ouray, near the amphitheater.

More will follow later..............the wirless connection here takes about 10 minutes per picutre to upload.

We're off and running (sort of). Taking the I-70 route home. More tonight.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Full Day Here

I woke up too early. Always hard to sleep away from home.

If Ouray were only a little closer to home.

Breakfast by Hans and Ingrid. Breakfast conversation with lots of runners who ran a race yesterday to the top of Imogene Pass. Silly me, I thought riding a Jeep to the top was difficult.

We wandered around town, on foot and in the Wrangler..............seems like everywhere is uphill here...hung out TOO long at Bien Tempo........Scootergirl is a social butterfly and made friends wherever we went.
We did Billy Goat Gruff takeout (who knew?).......for dinner and then hot tubs and and conversation.

Early to bed again.........

Now for the guest blogger.....

"Arose with a new sense of purpose, to rediscover what I knew was there. As I looked upon the San renewed a feeling of comfort and balance that I somehow miss in my everyday life. Now I'm stuck. I want to be here all the time."

In other words, we are sleepy..........time for sleep.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Best of September

I am sitting on my a beautiful room. Outside our door, the aspen trees surround the hot tub, in the beautiful courtyard of the China Clipper Inn.

The drive from Denver, which started with a trip to DIA to pick up ScooterGirl and The Marine, was free of construction zones.....a first for us.

There is literally no where I would rather be than where I am. How blessed am I?

We made the trek, down 285, and the trip seemed shorter with our friends from Texas joining us. The B&B is lovely, (pictures to follow) and after dinner and a visit to see Hutch at the OurayAle House, we are settling for an early night.

for this trip we have a guest blogger...........The Husband.........who wants to say:

"We had a wonderful journey with our friends, to the perfect destination. When we arrived in Ouray, we were greeted with the visual splendor of the San Juan mountains. Every time we are here, I am taken aback, by how beautiful this land is. As we enjoy our first evening in Ouray, it is made even better because our special friends are with us. I look forward to the adventures we will all share in our time here..............I will have more to say tomorrow."

The Husband talks good, huh?

Never Forget

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September Update

I love traditions.

Celebrating things on an annual basis.


I love the change of the seasons, and I tie those rituals, traditions and celebrations to changing seasons.

For the last eight years, The Husband and I have made an annual tradition of heading to Ouray, Colorado for a vacation. What a blessing, that he loves it as much as I do. I told some people at a business meeting today about my trip to Ouray. There are literally thousands of people living in Colorado, many who've lived here for years, and yet they've never seen the San Juans. Yes, Vail and Aspen are beautiful. Pikes Peak, the Collegiate Peaks, are breathtaking. But if you have never driven on the Million Dollar Highway, or sat in the Hot Springs pool in Ouray, you have never seen the best of Colorado. You simply must go.

If magic wands were at my disposal, I would have an updated Victorian 2 blocks off of Main Street in Ouray. The Husband votes for a log cabin off the golf course in Ridgeway, just 10 minutes north. In either case, we would live everyday with the San Juans out our window, and the splendor of God's creation around us, in us, filling us with awe.

Saturday morning will find us heading southwest, through South Park, the Gunnison Valley, past Blue Mesa reservoir to Montrose.

Yes, there is a joy in the journey.

From Montrose just a short trip south, with the San Juans in your front window all the way. Past the jerky stands, and the elk ranch, and the "log cabins for sale" lots.

Then come the red rock formations, which let you know you are getting close, and just around the bend.....just past the see the visitor center, and the ball field.

Ouray, Colorado.

The cherry on the top of the whipped cream, on top of the sundae, is that ScooterGirl and The Marine, our beloved friends from Texas will be in our Wrangler with us.

Ain't Fall grand?????

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Welcome to Heaven on Earth

Welcome to Heaven on Earth. Otherwise known as

September in Colorado.




Let's celebrate.


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