2014 First Day of Spring

On a number of blogs I visit around the ole blogosphere, spring is already a glorious thing.  If you're doubtful, take a gander at some of the links below to the right.  Especially Bella's Rose Cottage.

But spring comes slowly round these parts, and March is an exercise in patience and delayed gratification.  But before I left for the office this morning, I took a quick stroll on the garden tour of My Tiny Garden to find the faithful Columbines.  Once again, they show up first, looking more like a clump of parsley, don't you think?  But a promise of warmer days to come.

Earlier this morning, while drinking a cup of coffee, a familiar sound came from outside.  I cracked open the bedroom window to hear the shrill call of a male Red Winged Blackbird, sitting at the top of the bare branches of my tallest Aspen.  Haven't seen those guys for months.  Found a great video of them, if you don't have these in your neck of the woods, take a look and listen.

Happy First Day of Spring.


Bella said…
Hi Thanks for the shout out, glad I could bring a little Spring to your morning:-) Funny thing your Columbine is bigger than mine! Love the Red Winged Blackbirds, we had them at our last house and miss them much.
Wow on the altitude, you have over 6100 feet on me!
Happy Spring!
The Chick Voice said…
Thanks Bella. Glad I found your blog. The air may be a bit thin up here, but the sunsets are spectacular over the mountains!

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