Seasonal Affected Disorder

I'm not a big fan of "disorder" diagnosis.  It seems as though any issue a person may have is explained away by a medical "syndrome".  Largely a cop out more likely.


I've really struggled this year as winter has crept in.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE SNOW.  I really do. So I've never minded winter in the past.  But we've had very little snow.  Way behind for the season and that doesn't bode well for the drought and the water situation come summer.  So instead of picture perfect snow covering everything is a fluffly blanket, everything is just brown, and dusty, and yes, grim somehow.  Last week I had an overwhelming urge to put the top down on my convertible and let the wind blow in my hair.

The daylight hours are expanding, but ever so slowly, it seems.  And each morning I struggle to wake up and head to work.

I'm fairly certain I need to grow something.................yes, that's it.  I need to grow something.  I think I'll be stopping at a garden store on the way home.............l


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