Review - Blue Like Jazz

Took a few days for me to process before I could write this.  There were a few other things happening in my world.


This guy I know...............Steve Taylor,  has a movie he directed in theaters across America.  I sent some money through Kickstarter to help get the movie funded and made.  Why would I do that?  Because the book spoke to me and I believe in Steve Taylor.  The whole process was difficult and bumpy but I believed.  So here we are. The movie came out, and I saw my name in the credits................

The movie took some time to think about. My expectation, no my HOPE, was that the movie would be good.  Something in me was taking it all so personally.  Oh yah, because I helped pay for it.

I went and saw the movie last weekend. 

My palms were sweaty.  I was really nervous.  I really wanted to like it.

Blue Like Jazz is a good movie.  I liked it. I laughed.  And at the very end............I cried.

Steve Taylor, I am so proud of you.  Donald Miller, I want to hang out with you. You two are funny, real, witty, innovative and inspiring.

Go see this movie.


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