Sunday, April 15, 2012


Before seeing the movie............

I like to tell stories.

So here is the story of The Chick Voice and Steve Taylor and Blue Like Jazz.

I grew up in Denver.  I went to church ALL the time.  We heard some innovative and progressive music at our church. This exposure gave me a taste of "Christian Music" that was off the beaten path.  I liked the revolutionary approach.

In the early 80's, I was introduced to the music of a local guy, named Steve Taylor. His guitar player was a personal friend.  His drummer was also a local guy, as was his sax player.

I soon learned that his Manager ( who I later worked for) was a local guy as well. 

The music.............

Fresh.  Innovative.  New Wave.  Punk.....ish.

Lyrically...........jaw dropping.  Controversial.  Honest.  Shocking.

I was hooked on the music of Steve Taylor.

His "Meltdown" album was the first "CD" I ever owned.  New technology.

I listened to that album one day with my Dad who didn't like the music, but was impressed with the lyrics.

In later years, as I ended up involved in the Christian Music industry, I had the opportunity to meet Steve Taylor.  And found him to be kind, engaging, humble, and, above all accessible.

 Just Steve............from Colorado.

Over the years, our paths crossed.  I ended up working in radio and he was above and beyond accessible as he called in to our little local show to say hello.  Despite the fact that he was live on stage............during a concert.........using a cell phone to talk to us on our silly little local show.

Steve Taylor is just that kind of guy.  In 2008 I got word that he was trying to get a movie made and I posted my thoughts on the book..............

Blue Like Jazz Book Review

And now it's a reality.  I went to a theater today, with The Husband and Lil' Bro.   More to say later tonight............

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