Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seriously? Where is Colorado?

Yes, the White House.......someone, at least put this out there for President Obama's recent trip through flyover country.  Do you notice something wrong with this?  Hmmm.  What could it be?

You know, all those big rectangle states just seem the same to the "coast" folks.  Stunning on one hand.  Not much of a surprise on the other.

Frankly, as a Native Coloradoan, I'm disgusted. 

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Octoberfest in September

Why? Why is Oktoberfest always in September?  Does anyone know?  Of course, wiki knows everything.

I thought it was a Colorado thing, since it can be rather cold in October.  Guess not.

Anyway after a few brief days in the high country (Summit County to be exact) where the aspen are turning but not quite at their height...............

Came home to plans to attend the suburban version of Oktoberfest.  It really was one of those picture perfect Colorado September days.  Off we headed and met the neighbors to listen to the oompa band, and indulge in a stein of heffenweizen.  The boys had hot dogs, and posed for photos.  Couple of hams, these boys are..............

That look of joy on T's face is because he was having a tooth crisis........his front tooth was dangling, freaking him out, but he'd have no part of anyone helping him get it out.  Even with bribes. (update, this morning, the tooth came out overnight and he found it in his bed).

Overall, too many people, not enough things to keep the kids entertained, not enough food booths, long lines for everything.  I can't stop myself from seeing everything from an event planner's perspective.  But then, I was more than a little bleary eyed from my days in the hills.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Fall TV Season

Yes it kicks off tonight..............the new fall season.  Some new shows look interesting, and some old familiars are welcome back. 

In celebration of at least one of these shows...........a little video treat.

Dance is in my DNA.  I love to dance, and I never do it............

My parents............were both dance instructors, a fact I am very proud of.  And that's how they met.  So I grew up watching lots of musicals and mom teaching us dance steps in the kitchen.  So much to my amazement, my parents and I are not the only people in America watching, when Dancing With The Stars came on.  I really do enjoy the show.  And not just because of Maksim.

Ran across this little video gem last night, while distracting myself............enjoy, Dad.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Closer Finale - Sort Of

Reports of Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson's demise, where greatly exaggerated.  We were led to believe that we were watching the final episodes of The Closer, one of my favorite series ever.  Monday night's episode was quite the cliffhanger, and clearly no finale.  I've scoured TNT's website trying to figure out just how many episodes were left and have been unable to figure out what TNT was up to.

Further research led me to some clarification.  According to Matt Roush of TV Guide, we'll get more episodes in November, with the actual series summer.  Yet another instance of delayed gratification.  You can read his report HERE.

So we get to extend our relationship with Brenda Lee and the guys a while longer, holding our breath to see how Curtis Armstrong's nasty lawyer will come after Chief Johnson and her just over the line tactics............

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9.11.11 Never Forget

Each year I experience the same thing.  I love fall, September in particular.  September has always seemed like the beginning of the year, not January.  Surely this comes from school starting in the fall, a new grade, new start.  All of that.

But for the last 10 years, my September has been marred, because as fate would have it, evil men (yes, I used the word evil) chose September 11th to unleash murder, horror and destruction on the United States.  You can't get away from this................even if you wanted to, and with the 10th Anniversary this year, you can run but you cannot hide. 

It's interesting to listen to the media, and even more so, to the people around me, to hear the wide variety of ways people are we all face 9/11/11. 

Like everyone of a certain age, we can all remember where we were, how we heard, what we did that day.  Much like other momentous days.  I can remember the day President Kennedy was shot, even though I was a very little girl.  Only years later, the murders of Martin Luther King. Jr. and Robert Kennedy.  The day the shuttle blew up.........both times............and the day John Hinkley didn't succeed in taking Ronald Reagan from us.  Each of these days are burned into our memory, along with some personal tragedies we have suffered.  I remember getting the call at work, that a treasured friend of mine had died in a construction accident.  The son of friends from church, dying in a car accident, and even recently, having Dad pass along the shocking news of the untimely death of my cousin Jeff.  For me there is also that moment, answering the phone, and hearing the words that made no sense, that people had shot and killed my friends............and God had saved the life of another.

So........I approach this anniversary of 9/11 with mixed thoughts.  I'm deeply moved and affected by all news reports of pain and sorrow.  I have to watch myself not to sink too far into the sadness and drama.  Many will (and have) said that the coverage is too much...........why do we dwell?  Frankly, this is the reaction of many who have never experienced these things on a personal level.  I hope we never forget.  Never.  I know those closely touched can't.  You don't forget, you don't "get over". And anniversaries are always difficult.  I guess forever. So as I surfed around the Internet, and watched the shows, and thought about what I might say here............I found a few pieces of film on YouTube.  Moments preserved in time.  Each dramatically different, and each from radically different perspectives. 

First up, President George Bush, from the National Cathedral.  Listen and go back in time.  Think of how we all felt..............just 3 days later............listen for the strength and solidarity in his words.  His unashamed proclamation of his personal faith, even quoting scripture....................sigh.

Then take a listen to the raw emotion of this...........a man known before and after for his left wing leanings.  Disclaimer:  I used to adore David Letterman.  I watched him for years and found him to be the best of late night................and now I haven't watched him in years.  In recent years he has driven me away, when his humor became cruel and so left leaning.........

With all that in mind.........listen to this...........and I saw it the night it was on.........

The raw emotion is stirring to see, his affection and admiration for Mayor Guiliani.  Think back.......think back to those days, those weeks...........and how the world changed forever. 

I heard someone on the radio talking about his memories from that day, he was in he joined others running for their lives away from the Towers, and he couldn't forget that the streets were littered with women's high heel shoes.........discarded as they ran away.  That was the small detail that had burned into his mind.

Today each of us will face, or not face, our thoughts about this terrible day in our collective history.

For me, I will watch the coverage, and take solice in the fact that we have survived.  As a nation, we have survived.  Living in the post 9/11 world has not destroyed us.  I don't want to forget, or move on, because the lessons we learn from tragedy and grief make us better.  If we let it happen.  I really believe that.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tunesday on Thursday - Carole King

Last weekend,  Carole King was singing to me from my outdoor rock speakers (everyone who enjoys sitting outside should have outdoor speakers).  So, as a result I've been singing her songs all week.  Can't get them out of my head.

I woke up this morning...............(crisp and cool) and was singing this one...............even in the shower.

Then I rolled into a medley with this sad song, and I found it on YouTube in a duet with James Taylor. An amazing album/concert/tour.  So anyway..............enjoy.............

Monday, September 05, 2011

First September Weekend

We have been surviving the hottest August on record. And yet I realize it's all in Denver vs hot in other places, no comparison. There's the whole humidity factor.........

So anyway, this weekend a "cold front" moved through and it's cooled things off, drastically here at Casa Rancho. Last night it was chilly. Not cool. Chilly. Have I mentioned that I love September?

So, while it was hotter was still dramatically different and I'm thrilled with the change. I'm thrilled that it's September. I love this month...............and this year......I'm certain it will be the best one ever. 

Labor Day Weekend.  The first in my memory without Jerry Lewis. Shall we talk about Jerry Lewis?  Yes, but not in this post.  Me and Jerry have a history.  The Husband was working all weekend, training for the unthinkable in the post Columbine's his job.  So I had time to clean out and reorganize my closet.  And I had some quiet time too..........we all need quiet time.

Today, with a few calls, had a impromtu early fall dinner.  I got inspired to set the table all Martha Stewart like..........and we broke bread with some dear friends.

Followed by several hours spent by the pinon wood fire............ahhhh.............the scent of fall.  Carol King showed up......and played her Tapestry album.  Yes, a classic.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


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