Octoberfest in September

Why? Why is Oktoberfest always in September?  Does anyone know?  Of course, wiki knows everything.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oktoberfest

I thought it was a Colorado thing, since it can be rather cold in October.  Guess not.

Anyway after a few brief days in the high country (Summit County to be exact) where the aspen are turning but not quite at their height...............

Came home to plans to attend the suburban version of Oktoberfest.  It really was one of those picture perfect Colorado September days.  Off we headed and met the neighbors to listen to the oompa band, and indulge in a stein of heffenweizen.  The boys had hot dogs, and posed for photos.  Couple of hams, these boys are..............

That look of joy on T's face is because he was having a tooth crisis........his front tooth was dangling, freaking him out, but he'd have no part of anyone helping him get it out.  Even with bribes. (update, this morning, the tooth came out overnight and he found it in his bed).

Overall, too many people, not enough things to keep the kids entertained, not enough food booths, long lines for everything.  I can't stop myself from seeing everything from an event planner's perspective.  But then, I was more than a little bleary eyed from my days in the hills.


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