The Fall TV Season

Yes it kicks off tonight..............the new fall season.  Some new shows look interesting, and some old familiars are welcome back. 

In celebration of at least one of these shows...........a little video treat.

Dance is in my DNA.  I love to dance, and I never do it............

My parents............were both dance instructors, a fact I am very proud of.  And that's how they met.  So I grew up watching lots of musicals and mom teaching us dance steps in the kitchen.  So much to my amazement, my parents and I are not the only people in America watching, when Dancing With The Stars came on.  I really do enjoy the show.  And not just because of Maksim.

Ran across this little video gem last night, while distracting myself............enjoy, Dad.



Anonymous said…
I think dance in your youth does something permanent in your brain and body. I am taking a Self Defence class as part of my church duties as Asst dir of safety & security. At 75 I apparently have a phenomenon I call "monkey see, momkey do". I see a move and can immediately duplicate it. It feels good at this age to dicover you've "still got it".

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