Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tunesday - Dotsero - Our Hometown Guys

One summer night, in 1990 or 1991, I wandered into a place on Colfax and York with my friend John. We were looking for a late night snack and we saw a sax player through the windows as we drove past. When we got in the place (the York Street Cafe), the band was on a break. But when they started up again it began a 20 year relationship with me and a local jazz group called Dotsero. I drug my parents and lil bro to see them at the York Street a few days later.

I've seen them so many times, in so many places, I've lost count. They've had some personnel changes over the years, but the Watts brothers, Steve on sax, Dave on guitar have maintained a sound that sets them apart. Seeing them live is really the only way to get the full effect, but the 4 CD's I have can do the trick.

Find them at Dotsero. You can download them on ITunes,and if you're ever in Denver, they have their own club, Jazz@Jack's. Cool club.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Volunteer Sunflowers

About a month ago, I almost pulled a weed out of a rock border in my tiny garden. But the leaf looked familiar, so I let it grow.

Now it's turned into a giant sunflower tree. My grandmother called perennials flowers that "come up volunteer".

It's about 5 feet tall now.

This is not interesting to anyone but me........and maybe my Dad.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tunesday - REAL Western Music - Don Edwards

For a number of years, I attended Michael Martin Murphy's WestFest in Copper Mountain with my parents. It was an amazing gathering. Michael started moving the festival around to other places, and it wasn't the same.

But those years introduced me to a number of musical artists I doubt I would have found otherwise.

With a trip to Ouray looming on my horizon..........it brought to mind some good old cowboy music.....(not Country).

Meet for the first time, or say hello again to Don Edwards......with a traditional cowboy song.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Okay, I'm Done

No more 90's...........80's okay. 70's okay too.

Ready for fall.

There, I said it..........

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Remember

Heard the audio of this video on Hugh Hewitt's show. Watch it, pass it around, put it on YOUR blog.
(Sorry it doesn't fit well on my blog design. Double click to see if full screen on you tube)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kindred Spirits on the Web

A good friend of mine sent me a link to a blog. I doubt I would have found it on my own..........so thanks, D.

The first time I went there I knew I had found a kindred spirit. We even have the same bird feeder! So if you like my blog, you will love hers.......

Please go say hello at Baby Bloomr .

Her latest post on B&B's is great.

She also happens to be married to one of my favorite singers ever....but I'll let you figure that out for yourself.

GDazz in Texas.......you're going to love it!

Fall is Coming

It's still summer...........mid-August........high nineties today.

But my trees and shrubs know better. They're already turning.

My tiny cherry tree.......

My burning bushes are starting to "burn".

Fall is on the way.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just When My Husband Thought He Was Safe - New Fiesta Color

It's here......................

Don't know exactly how I'm going to get my hands on a set.........last new color took months and months to hit Colorado. I ain't waiting that long this time.

I need my new Fiesta color...........PAPRIKA!!!!

Looks more like caramel to me, but I'll go with whatever Homer Laughlin tells me to call it.............they keep my habit going.

Yes, I know...........I have too many different colors now.........I could feed an entire football team, both sides, offense and defense with settings I already own. (and I don't have black or white or the revered lilac).

I will reorganize the kitchen cabinet.......photos to follow. I can make room, because I rotate the colors seasonally anyway............


Obsessed. See for yourself...........click here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Of Movies and Drive Ins and Great Writing

Big fan of Big Hollywood.

A blog I read almost everyday. I relish the movie reviews, being a cinema fan down to my DNA. But this post at Big Hollywood, moved me not only for the spot-on description of Drive-In Movies, but also because I wish I could write this well. Like the sap that I am........I teared up at the beautifully crafted description of seeing a movie at a drive-in.........and the flashback to those movies of 1989.

Please click the link and read it........and then my personal comments will pale by comparison, but I think you'll like it............BRAVO John Nolte..........you are my new hero.

The greatest movie summer of my life.

There are two drive-in movie theaters embedded in my brain. The first is the North Star, just blocks from where I spent the carefree days of my early childhood.

Dad and Mom would pack up the Little Bro and I (in our jammies, no less), and pop a big grocery sack full of popcorn........hop in the car and off to the drive-in movies. Every once in a while we'd get to visit the playground in front of the screen, but usually we arrived just in time for the previews and cheesy animated commercials enticing you to the concession stand. The back seat of the Buick Skylark was plenty comfy for movie watching, as well as sleeping during the second feature (yes, they ran two movies). I seem to recall that the first movie was always "family friendly" as we would say now, but the second feature was less so, so Mom would have us lay down and go to sleep. I did my best to stay awake, though my eyes were closed, and to try and hear, whatever it was that I wasn't supposed to experience. Sleep won, and I fell asleep with no new knowledge.

The second drive-in attachment for me was the Havana Drive-In, which fell within the boundaries of my high school haunts. ( I couldn't find a picture of it). Close to Buckingham Square ( a mall we hung out at) the best part of the Havana Drive-In was what we called the "Free Movies". Just like a scene from the movie, Dazed and Confused, we'd be out with friends, see someone we knew, they'd roll up in their car, and people would say......let's go to the "Free Movies".

If you knew where to go, behind the King Soopers, there was a dirt path you could drive into, and find yourself behind the back fence of the Havana Drive-In. If you were lucky the back rows of the drive-in were empty, you could see the movie (at a distance) and hear the sound from the unused speakers still hanging on their stands. Free movie, friends in cars.....everything was great till the Aurora Police showed up and told us to "move along".

Lest you think we always partook of the free movie variety, we did pay to get in on a regular basis. Vintage pickups were popular with guys at my high school, they backed them into the spaces and put lawn chairs in the bed. Havana Drive-In made us pay per person on the weekends, and yes there was frequent trunk smuggling and fence jumping. I personally never did these things, but yes, I was involved. (Sorry, Dad).

The whole experience was invigorating. Flickering images, fresh air, tinny speakers, surrrounded by distractions.

Movie magic.

Best 10 Minutes of Your Week

Okay after the THIRD person sent this to me on Facebook.........I'm sharing it with all you non-Facebook types (and you know who you are).

This WILL be the best 10 minutes of your day........maybe your week. But get a box of Kleenex...........thanks for the link, ScooterGirl.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If I Stand - Rich Mullins

Life throws us curve balls. No one knows this more than I do.

Today's Tunesday is sent out to a dear friend of mine, who is facing some tough times right now. (You know who you are).

In times of sorrow, in times of stress, in times of sadness, I have often turned to the music of Rich Mullins. Laying on my living room floor, with my headphones on, the tears running into my ears.........I would listen to some songs over and over, letting the words get down deep into my spirit.

This is one of those songs...........

Even if you are not in a bad place......this is a wonderful song.

I've included the lyrics below.

Take a listen.

There's more that rises in the morning
Than the sun
And more that shines in the night
Than just the moon
It's more than just this fire here
That keeps me warm
In a shelter that is larger
Than this room

And there's a loyalty that's deeper
Than mere sentiments
And a music higher than the songs
That I can sing
The stuff of Earth competes
For the allegiance
I owe only to the Giver
Of all good things

So if I stand let me stand on the promise
That You will pull me through
And if I can't, let me fall on the grace
That first brought me to You
And if I sing let me sing for the joy
That has born in me these songs
And if I weep let it be as a man
Who is longing for his home

There's more that dances on the prairies
Than the wind
More that pulses in the ocean
Than the tide
There's a love that is fiercer
Than the love between friends
More gentle than a mother's
When her baby's at her side

And there's a loyalty that's deeper
Than mere sentiments
And a music higher than the songs
That I can sing
The stuff of Earth competes
For the allegence
I owe only to the Giver
Of all good things

So if I stand let me stand on the promise
That you will pull me through
And if I can't let me fall on the grace
That first brought me to You
And if I sing let me sing for the joy
That has born in me these songs
And if I weep let it be as a man
Who is longing for his home

And if I stand let me stand on the promise
That you will pull me through
And if I can't let me fall on the grace
That first brought me to You
And if I sing let me sing for the joy
That has born in me these songs
And if I weep let it be as a man
Who is longing for his home

And if I weep let it be as a man
Who is longing for his home

Monday, August 09, 2010

Green Bug Invasion

We see butterflies all the time, so it only stands to reason that they have to come from somewhere.............who knew it was our Virginia Creeper plant? This is actually the second caterpiller we saw, but I didn't get a picture of the first one. It looked just like this........only a kind of pinkish rust color. Been googling around and trying to figure out what kind of butterfly this will turn into, but don't know for sure yet.

Good fun to freak the neighbor boys out with this bug too.........

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Riots in Birdland

There's a bird riot in my backyard every morning. It starts about 6AM. We sleep with the window open whenever possible, so it surprisingly loud. The variety of birds we attract is surprising and makes for good bird watching, being the nerd that I am.

This morning the clatter was louder than usual. I looked out the window to find some sort of bird lineup on the neighbor's roof.

Couldn't zoom in enough to figure out what kind of bird they were.

Then, in a flash, they all left. Except for the one who doesn't "flock together".

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

George Winston - Nature Set To Music

Back in the eighties, a friend and sound guy I knew introduced me to the music of George Winston. "New Age" music was a new genre in the record stores....CD's were the latest and greatest new format. The first George Winston album I bought was Autumn.
Hard to even guess how many times I listened to this album..........and all the others of Winston I bought. Perfect dinner music when friends are over.......great background to read a book to..........perfect for weekend mornings while you read the paper and drink coffee.

Sadly for me too, it was the music of my insomnia. For most of the nineties, I suffered with insomnia so bad some weeks I barely got by. I'd put in George Winston albums and hit the replay button. It was a bad night when the album started for the third time and I was still awake. Thank God I was working in the music industry for a good part of that decade, and I seldom had to get up early.

This last Saturday morning The Husband went to work unusually early, I spent most of the morning sitting in the back yard........drinking coffee, watching the birds and butterflies flit around. And listening to George Winston.

His music no longer spells insomnia for me (although I still fight it) but now his music is my enhancement to enjoying nature. His music sounds like nature. This song sounds like the wind blowing through aspen trees.


Monday, August 02, 2010

The Help - A Must Read


I recently joined a book club that my next door neighbor invited me to. I read so much and so often, that it's great to have people to discuss the books with. At the first meeting they mentioned the title of the book for the next month. I promptly downloaded it onto my Kindle while I sat there. The following week, as I began to read the book, I kept thinking to myself. "WHO picked this book?" "Why are we reading this book?". The plot involved some cell phone addicted New York guy who goes to Europe to help a childhood friend who's opening up a hotel in an old castle. There's some weird old lady in a tower watching them...........a big fountain full of pond scum and a terrible smell.........there's something creepy going on..........and then it goes downhill form there. Being new to the book club, I thought I'd just sit quietly at the next meeting and try to figure out why they picked "The Keep". Then Nicole (my neighbor) asked me how I was liking the book........I paused.........she said "I think The Help is good."

The Help??? Wait.........hold on a sec..........arrrrrrrg. I'm reading the wrong book.

The Help is one of best books I've read in a long time. It drew me in right from the first pages. The Help is set in the early Sixties in Jackson, Mississippi (don't I know someone from Jackson, Mississippi?). Each chapter is written from the perspective of one of three women. Two are black maids/nannies who work for white families. The third is Miss Skeeter, a young, unmarried white woman who's finding her way in life. She's friends with young married women who have kids and employ these black maids. The way the three come together is unexpected and in the end, triumphant. I hear this is Kathryn Stockett's first novel.........what a first effort. Junior Leagues, bridge clubs, and sandwiches with ice tea, she captured life in a southern town with vivid detail. I can't imagine this NOT being made into a movie. The thing I liked the best was the way Kathryn captured the dialect of the black maids in the chapters voiced by them.

"So I took that pink screaming baby in my arms. Bounced her on my hip to get the gas moving and it didn't take two minutes fore Baby Girl stopped her crying, got to smiling up at me like she do. But Miss Lefolt, she don't pick up her baby for the rest a the day. I seen plenty a womens get the baby blues after they done birthing. I reckon I thought that's what it was."

I strongly recommend this book, look forward to her next novel, and wait to see who they cast in the movie.

UPDATE: h/t to Tennessippi Dave.......they're filming this summer. The Help Movie


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