Sad News - The Internet Monk

I'm a little "discriminating", shall we say, about the other blogs I have posted links to.  Most bloggers have many, many links, but I've chosen carefully.

Long before I started this blog I was just another of the millions who read blogs and one day, (don't remember how) I stumbled across Michael Spencer, The Internet Monk .

Reading Michael's blog made me feel that I was not so crazy, and not so alone to question the status quo.  He railed at many of the same things that I had questioned for years, not realizing I was not the only one.
Internet Monk is number three in my favorites list, I've been reading for years, and lately, following closely the news of Michael's health.

So sadly I pass along the latest, sad news.  Michael Spencer Update 3-9-10


Gradual Dazzle said…
Wow. Seriously tough stuff. [sigh]

The "fallen" nature of this world and this flesh we live in is such a cause for grief. Thank goodness it won't last forever.

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