Monday, May 18, 2009


It was an incredible day in Colorado today. I think the high was around 90....very hot for this early in the year...but there was a slight breeze, so it still felt cool. It was a convertible top down day for sure.

Yesterday was a little hazy, but today it was crystal clear and the Rockies looked like a painting.

Over the weekend, The Husband and I got the last of the big landscaping projects complete. Pulling out we could add more grass in our Tiny Garden. We filled our pots with annuals, filled a large one with herbs, so fresh summer tasting recipes are sure to follow.

The Husband spent his day off in our backyard oasis, reading a book and proving that small places can make for a wonderful garden.

Dinner on the patio, pinon wood fire and a glass of wine. The beginning of that amazing spring/summer/fall season, when we spend as much time as possible in the outdoor room.

I was amused today to read that my all time favorite blogger, James Lileks, spent his weekend doing the same thing.........getting his outside space ready. You can see his blow by blow description here. He clearly does things on a grander scale, but I suspect the effect is the same.....

I am drawn to the the birds, the flowers, the crackle of the fire, and the peaceful feeling that floods over me. I will never understand those who choose to live their lives behind walls, in that neutral environment.....not soaking in the wonder of THE Wonders, that amazing world all around us. If you are new to my blog, and understand my sentiments, you may enjoy my posts on the Seven Wonders of My World. Click on the link on the right panel called The Wonders.

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