The 7 Wonders of My World

Good Morning America, my morning show of choice, has been doing a series called The 7 Wonders of America. Their list includes some amazing places. However, being a little partial to my native state, I was a little disappointed that no place in Colorado was listed. I know, I know there ARE great places outside the Centennial State, but still.

So I decided to create my own personal version. The 7 Wonders of My World.

wonder (n.)
O.E. wundor "marvelous thing, marvel, the object of astonishment,"

I'm certain this will prove that I'm easily amused. Or that my world is very small. Or maybe it's that stopping to smell the roses thing.

None the less, I will be posting over the next few days the things around me that I consider a "wonder".

Stay tuned.


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