Birdland Update

Well I must say for an extremely amatuer birder like myself, this summer has been a windfall. I put out my feeders the first year we moved in, and this is our fourth summer. Those first few years we had house finches. And we also had house finches. Oh, and lest I forget, we also had house finches.

Each summer since, we've added a few new ones. The mourning doves came (one of my favorites) saw brown headed cowbirds in the spring and early summer, and was very excited to see robins.

But this summer it feels as if the bird population has exploded and I'm very excited with the variety. Since I consider my Birdland one of the 7 Wonders of My World this is big stuff.

So to prove how easily amused I am............the current list of sightings in birdland, here in My Tiny Garden.

House Finches (and this year........ a yellow breasted male)
House Sparrows
Mourning Doves
Rock Doves (otherwise known as pigeons)
Brown headed Cowbirds
Brewer's Blackbirds
Red Winged Blackbirds
Western Kingbirds
Red Tailed Hawks
Mountain Bluebirds (only twice very briefly)

And one afternoon we heard a hummingbird fly past, moving too fast to see.

For those still awake at this point................the point is............this makes me happy.

Told ya'. Easily amused.


Gradual Dazzle said…
I love birds!!!!! I wasn't bored at all; in fact, I was wishing I could have a pair of binocs and stand around in your yard to see what I can see in Colorado. When we made our trip thru CO last summer, I was so excited every time I saw a bird or a flower that we never get to see in Texas.

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