Wonder #1 Birdland

I only begain "birding" recently. For years I lived in apartments with no outside space to call my own. Now as a homeowner, I take great pleasure in watching the birds. I have a feeder, birdbath and a birdhouse. With field guide and binoculars in hand, I find it soothing to sit very still and wait for the birds to show up. They grab a few seeds or a drink of water, and off they go. We live in a new development area, and there's not a lot of trees, but as the landscapes have matured, we have a wider variety that show up.

Yes, not quite up there with the glamours of NYC or Washington DC, but I like my little bird land, and the Bluebird of Happiness has twice shown up while we were sitting there. That's a moment of Wonder that takes your breath away.


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