Colorado Vacation

Attention campers, today is "Day One" of the much needed, nearly impossible to pull off, exhausting to get ready for, summer vacation. Each time I plan one there is a moment when I think it's not going to happen because it seems impossible to leave work without fearing a complete meltdown of civilization during my brief absence. That moment came at about 1:15 pm, Mountain DST.

Technically, tomorrow is Day One, because I went into the office this morning FOR A FEW HOURS, to hand off duties to the appropriate employees. FIVE AND ONE HALF HOURS later I snuck out the side door having only ONE near panic attack. So I will actually refer to this as Vacation Eve............the night before.

As the stress of the day slowly fades............I will wake on the morrow with peace and quiet on my mind.

PS. The final two 7 Wonders Of My World are quick on the way


Gradual Dazzle said…
Boooo work! Yaaaaaaay vacation! Have fun, and let them melt down. It'll just mean they're more grateful for your presence when you get back. :)

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