Spring 2018

It’s Spring time in the Rockies and in true form we’ve gone from 6 inches of snow this past Monday morning, now we’re looking at the 70’s for tomorrow.  This time last year, everything was in upheaval and there were months more upheaval to come. 

These days when everything seems calm, it still feels like nothing will ever be okay again.  The “New Normal” is what we’re led to believe we must get used to.   Not there yet.

Found a new TV show on Netflix that I love.  It’s called “Big Dreams, Small Spaces”.  It’s a show from the UK/BBC and of course the accents alone appeal to me.  Have you noticed that there are almost NO gardening shows left on HGTV – HOME AND GARDEN TV.  All HOME, no GARDEN.  Why is that?  So…………a famous Brit Gardener, Monty Don, comes and helps people who have small gardens to redo and overhaul them.

So now I am inspired, and anxious to get out in My Tiny Garden and take a fresh look at what we’ve done, and what we can do to take it all to the next level. I bought a Garden Journal on Amazon, something I didn’t even know existed.  Sure wish I’d had started it when we first moved in.  It helps you keep track of what you planted, and how each plant did.  It’s also a place to keep record of when things bloom, etc.

The birds are making their way back.  Heard, (didn’t see) a robin.  The Husband saw a Kestrel on the roof next door, but I missed it.  Saw a GIANT Horned Owl this morning, flying behind the house, down what we call “The Bird Highway”.  Flock of Magpies descended on the hill behind the house this week, and I saw my first Mourning Dove while walking Tucker this week.

None of this is interesting to just about anybody.  But Dad will appreciate it.  Thanks Dad, for being my only loyal reader.


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