From Whence Commeth My Help

Doesn't take long, as we head southwest out of town, for me to feel a change come over me.  This year I wondered if the mountains would have the same effect, because it's been such a tough year.  But by the time we passed the summit of Kenosha Pass (were the aspen leaves are already gone), I could feel the familiar sense of quiet.  The sense of serenity that being in the "high places" always brings.

It's been cloudy and wet for several days at Casa Rancho.  And that's okay, because it's fall.  We passed through light drizzle, and saw where the snow fell overnight.  Low hanging clouds here and there, still some great color.

But the roads were clear, and we made good time.  Lunch in Buena Vista, where I got no shot of the Collegiate Peaks, because they were engulfed in clouds.  And we'll overnight in Gunnison, where a rainbow was waiting

I'll sleep soundly tonight, knowing tomorrow I'll be in my favorite place on earth.


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